Bluebird Candle
  • Tiki Lamplight Citronella Pillar Candle, 3" x 4"
    Tiki Lamplight Citronella Pillar Candle, 3" x 4" Set the mood in your backyard or patio with the enticing natural flame of TIKI Brand pillar citronella candles. A perfect fit for any tea light/votive outdoor candle holder. 3 X 4" Pillar Candle. Citronella scented. White colored wax. Weight: 0.95lb.
  • Joya Prism Collection Candle
    Brooklyn-based fragrance brand Joya makes its candles from start to finish at its studio in Fort Greene. The newest range is a collection of five candles, all inspired by scents found in the deep reaches of nature. Light fragrances are amplified by hand-crafted matte ceramic containers, designed by in-house ceramicist Sarah Cihat. Scented candle. Notes: teak, rosemary. 4oz. Made in the USA.
  • Bond No. 9 New York 'Nuits de NoHo' Candle
    A woman-only scent, in a midnight-blue tinted glass. The avant-garde gourmand treat is concocted of citrusy bergamot, seductive jasmine and a jolt of gin-like patchouli. For all those times when you miss the echoing nighttime clack of Manolo heels on the cobblestone streets of downtown's most sexily urbane enclave. Approx. dimensions: 3"W x 4"H. By Bond No. 9; made in the USA.
  • Pier 1 Imports Seychelles Coconut Filled Candle
    Inspired by a traditional Thai fragrance, this smooth and creamy scent is a tropical cocktail of banana leaf, hyacinth, green pineapple and coconut'balanced by sea salt, lemongrass and tonka bean. All in one highly fragranced candle topped by a medallion lid'a simple but impressive gift. Ivory. 3.38"Dia x 3.50"H. Paraffin wax, tin, glass, fragrance oil. Burn time: 60 hours.
  • PRIMITIVES BY KATHY 'You Are My Happy' Mason Jar Scentless Candle
    A mason jar candle featuring a sweet slogan adds a rustic, homey touch to your décor. 4 1/2" tall. 11.5 oz. Approx. burn time: 50 hours. Glass/wax. By Primitives by Kathy; made in the USA.
  • Aquiesse Shoreline Travel Candle
    Wood and floral notes give a convincingly outdoor impression to the scent of the Shoreline Travel Candle. Tuck it into guests' bags to send a bit of the coast with them when they leave your beach house, or keep it conveniently at hand for home fragrance in the bath or bedroom; its precious woods, seaside flowers, and fresh oceanic breezes are always refreshing. 2 oz. Burns 20 hours.
  • Curiouser and Curiouser Candle Holder
    Youve seen your kitten watch over the fish bowl and bat at the faucet, but watching a candles flame flicker is a first! This black ceramic candle holder forms a curious cat peeking down into its glass globe. Displayed among your other quirky dcor, this room accessory makes decorating with ambience all the cuter.
  • Pier 1 Imports Citronella Votives
    When dining al fresco, citronella-scented candles are a must-have. Our crisp, white paraffin candles are perfect for scattering about the patio as they softly fill the air with their clean, gentle fragrance. White. Each: 1.50"Dia x 1.70"H. Paraffin wax, citronella. Hand-molded. Burn time each: 10 hours. Set of 6.
  • Great Light Shark Candle Set
    After savoring the last sip of Pinot Noir at your next dinner party, turn the empty bottles into fun nautical decor with these ferociously cute shark candles! This sleek grey set will get on swimmingly with your cute kitschy kitchen, so bedeck your table with its toothy head and pointed tail to add extra bite to your style!
  • Pier 1 Imports Enchanted Paradise Boxed Candle
    Welcome to paradise in a gift-ready box. Open it, light it, and experience Enchanted Paradise: A succulent blend of sweet amber and sandalwood mixed with florals of jasmine, tuberose and zinnia, with a hint of musk. Teal. 4.40"Dia x 3.15"H. Paraffin wax, glass, fragrance oil. Burn time: 36 hours.
  • The More You Glow Candle Holder
    Knowledge is power, so set yourself up right for a productive study party with pals. Simply add an illuminating votive candle to this white ceramic skull holder and bask in the glow as you hit the books. With its white glazed finish, this container is a cool reminder to keep your wits about you!
  • Pacific Accents Resin Wavy Top Flameless Tea Lights Candle (Set of 4)
    Elegant and safe to use, the Resin Wavy Top Flameless Tea Lights Candles create a warm, realistic glow that is indistinguishable in appearance to flame. Replace your existing real flame tea light candles with these flameless tea lights. Each tea light provides many weeks of worry free glow time. Flameless candles allow you to decorate in places previously not possible with traditional flame candles such as inside of bookcases, on window sills or hard to reach fixtures and sconces. Features: For indoor or outdoor use. Realistic melted top. Color: White.
  • Boho Can You Go? Lantern
    Take your eclectic, inviting style to the limit by dressing your favorite light fixture with this charming boho shade! Crafted from woven fabric patterned in hues of navy, ocean-blue, sandy tan, and cloud-white, this contoured lantern uses a funky silhouette to add eye-catching interest to a standard lighting cord kit. Just find the perfect spot over your bedside table, crafting nook, or vinyl-listening veranda, then enjoy a perfectly carefree day in its groovy glow!
  • Archipelago Botanicals Scented Candle in Tin - Santorini
    Fragrance notes: lotus flower, bergamot & lemon leaf. Dimensions: H5xDia7cm. Burn time: 55 hours. Weight: 167g. Made from 70% natural soy hand-poured wax. Encased in a metal tin. Presented in a stunning box. More Excursion Collection scents available.
  • World Travels Fast Lantern
    Hang this lovely lantern in your foyer or study and be transported right back into your sweetest memories of adventure. In weathered teal and dimpled brown, this petite glass votive candle holder hangs from its coppery, distressed frame and matching chain to illuminate your wanderlust without leaving the house!
  • Taper Candles, Set of 6, Light Blue
    Our slim tapers are hand dipped by a San Francisco workshop specializing in Old World candlemaking techniques. Formed of solid paraffin, the candles produce a beautifully consistent flame that is smokeless and dripless. Each burns approx. 3 hrs. 1/2 diam., 10" high. Set of 6. Made in USA.
  • Everything is Illumination Lantern
    Illuminate a tealight within the glass votive of this hanging lantern and bask in the warm glow of this gorgeous piece! Beneath the crystal garlands that skirt this lanterns dark metal frame, you lie atop an eclectic array of patterned pillows and quilts, reading your favorite novel. Hanging out with pals or enjoying a moment of sweet solitude, you love the delicate dreams this hanging decor inspires!
  • PRIMITIVES BY KATHY 'Sunshine' Mason Jar Scentless Candle
    Add a cheery touch to your décor with this homey mason jar candle bearing the rainy-day sentiment, "You make me happy when skies are gray." 4 1/2"H. 10 oz. 50-hour burn time. Glass/wax. By Primitives by Kathy; made in the USA.
  • Its Eclectic! Candlestick
    The power is out across town, but that wont put a damper on your dinner party! Trusting your memory to guide you through your flat, you make your way to the mantle for these bright candlesticks by Karma Living. Crafted from ombre glass with a rounded metal ring to cradle each candle, these alluring accessories give your dining room table a colorful glow that anyone can celebrate. Whether you choose jewel blue, fresh persimmon, deep olive, or vivid violet to complement your decorating scheme, these candlesticks will spark some conversation at your elegantly ambient affair!
  • Cool Blue Crackle Glass Lantern
    This traditional style crackle glass lantern has a tin frame with a handsome antique copper finish. Mouth-blown crackle glass comes in a cool blue hue that is not painted, but added in to the silica mixture during the melting process. Place in the living room or family room as a delightful decorative accent. Tin frame. Antique copper finish. Mouth-blown cool blue glass. Crackle effect. 10" high. 4 1/2" wide.
  • Enchanted Terrace Light
    The homemade garland is hung, the punch is stirred to sparkling perfection, and your last magical touch before guests arrive is to light the flameless candle of this Mason jar lantern. Dangling from a low-hanging branch by its removable handle, this moss-filled dcor lets peeks of light twinkle past its greenery. Its elegant and ambient all at once!
  • Thomas Fuchs Creative Skull Candle/Turquoise
    Luxurious hand-poured candle housed in a stylish, embellished glass vessel. Dimensions: 4" X 3.75" X 3.75". Hand-poured. Imported.
  • Mythical Moth Votive Candle Holder
    Cast an otherworldly glow upon your abode by burning a tealight inside this moth-print candle holder. This deep-blue glass votive container personalizes your space with its frosted finish and reflective chrome-like inside. Showcasing an interior lepidoptera and flora etching that subtly shines through, this whimsical glass display makes a fantastical addition to your home decor!
  • Pier 1 Imports Oceans® Filled Candle
    Our popular mix of jonquil, marigold, hyacinth, rose and jasmine scents, housed in a pagoda jar cute enough to be an instant gift. Like all Pier 1 candles, this one is made with refined wax and a hand-created wick for a consistently fresh fragrance. Blue. 4.25" Dia x 4.5"H. Paraffin wax, glass, oak wood. Hand-poured.
  • Qualitas Candles Beeswax Freesia Scented Candle
    Gracefully aromatic flower, freesia is one of the subtlest floral scents. Beguiling and sophisticated, the essence of freesia is a favorite note of light and fresh perfumes. All varieties of freesia are treasured for pastel palette and delicate blooms, and the flower has come to symbolize sweetness, friendship and trust. Features: 100% source white beeswax. 100% cotton wick. Pure essential oils. Natural fragrances. Gently diffuses fragrance of freesia, filling the air with the soft lilt of all things lovely and pure. No lead, zinc or paraffin. Made in USA.
  • Pier 1 Imports Oceans® Filled Candle
    Narcissus flower, marigold, hyacinth and rose fragrances, with a splash of fruit and woods'all in our gift-worthy filled glass candle. Blue. 3.05"Dia x 4.40"H. Glass, paraffin wax, fragrance oil. Burn time: 30 hours.
  • Fresh Life™ Scented Candle
    What it is: A scented candle that captures the ultimate Fresh moment, conjuring the freshness of a clear blue sky, sweet morning air, a sparkling sun, and velvety water. What it does: Fresh Life Scented Candle fills the room with a fragrance that captures the ultimate Fresh moment, bringing to mind the freshness of a clear blue sky, refreshing morning air, a twinkling sun, and smooth water. It has an estimated burning time of 50 hours, meaning it’s certain to fill your home with joy for endless amounts of time. A luxurious and comforting way to enhance the home ambience, the candle has a lead-free wick, produces an even-burning flame, and disperses a long-lasting fragrance containing natural extracts. What else you need to know: “I awake in the early morning to the damp earth, cool and breathing beneath my toes. The fog curls across the pond like the softest cloud; the air is infused with a sweetness. As the rising sun spins everything into sparkling silk, I walk quietly into velvety water, taking care not to disturb the purity of this still moment. As I swim I imagine that I am flying, the water is my blue sky, full of hope and possibilities. I am revived. I am reinvigorated. I am Fresh.”-Lev Glazman, Fresh Co-founder.