☆ Raquel ‘Kel’ Huntington-Ford
- the one who’s a working mother
Age: 20
When Raquel walks into a room, heads turn. She’s the girl who every guy wants, except the one guy she’s crazy about. Her life has been anything but simple and when she was eighteen she made the mistake of hooking up with Tyler but got her perfect daughter Mikayla out of it. She’s a natural born fighter and will do whatever it takes to protect those closest to her. Modeling has always been her dream, but with a baby to take care of will she ever reach the top? 
Status: Single, but lives with her ex boyfriend Luke who she wants desperately.
Looks: Blake Lively
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[new york]

I threw the last of my Louboutin heels into my suitcase.
“So you’re really going then?”
I glanced up at Kayla and nodded. “My plane leaves in a few hours,”
“I’m already losing Harper; I can’t believe that you’re going too.” She looked like she was about to cry, Kayla never cried.
I laughed, “Well you could be coming with us if you and my brother hadn't decided to stay in New York and be boring,”
“Yeah well, someone has to stay here and cause trouble for Veronica,”
I nodded, “But what am I going to do without you?”
“You’ll be fine. I know you, you’ll conquer Paris.”
I jumped up and threw my arms around her neck, “Even though you and my brother aren’t married just yet, you’re still my sister.”
She laughed, “I better f*cking hope so, you already changed your name,”
“Someone has to carry on your family name,” I pouted as I pulled away.
She smiled, “Here I got you something,” She reached into her Birkin bag and pulled out a paperback.
I stared down at the cover, “Sensual sex for the single mother…” I read slowly, “Wow Kay, you shouldn’t have. Like really, you shouldn’t have gotten this for me.”
She laughed, “You’ll thank me when mini Kay is older,”


“Kel, she’s gorgeous I can’t believe it’s taken this long for me to finally meet her.” 
Luke lifted Mikayla out of her stroller and held her in his arms. I willed myself not to break into hysterically happy tears at the sight of the two of them looking so adorable together.
“Did you have any trouble finding the place? I would have picked you up from the airport but Evangeline called an emergency meeting with all of us old models,” He leant in and kissed my cheek, sending the bevy of butterflies in my stomach into motion.
“We made it all in one piece,” I smiled awkwardly as he wheeled our suitcases into the elevator.
“Well I’m so relieved that you’re staying here, Paris can be a dangerous city.”
I nodded; he’d always been so protective of me. But I never would have anticipated just how natural he was being with Mikayla. 
“So were on the top floor, I didn’t have time to get a key cut for you just yet.” He said as the elevator doors opened into the spacious apartment. “And there’s someone I want you to meet.”
I looked up just as a curtain of dark chocolate brown hair fell over her sharp angular face. She was about as skinny as a toothpick. I hated her instantly.
I smiled slowly and offered my hand, swallowing my pride “I’m Raquel,” I said as I stepped out the elevator. 
Maybe she was the maid, or a pest exterminator…who preferred to dress in Chanel.
“Blair Roitfield,”
My breath caught in my chest, “Roitfield, as in Carine Roitfield the editor of French Vogue…” 
“Blair is her niece,” Luke said proudly from behind me.
“That’s how we met, I was modeling and Luke was photographing me. I’m his muse.” She said in perfect English.
I wanted to claw her eyes out.
“Well maybe we’ll get to work together,” I smiled serenely. 
She looked me up and down, “Perhaps.” She glanced over at Luke and then at Mikayla in his arms. “What it that?”
Luke raised his eyebrows, “This is Mikayla, Kel’s daughter.”
“You’re a mother too?” She scoffed. “I didn’t realize Beauté had become an agency for mothers,”
 “Kate Moss is a mother, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum…” I began rattling off names.
She glared at me before walking over to Luke and pulling him into a deep kiss, “I’ll see you tomorrow then Luke, at the shoot?”
He nodded and walked her to the door, while I slipped Mikayla back into her stroller.
“So what’s the story there…” I asked curiously as he walked back into the lounge.
Luke shrugged his shoulders and smiled, “I’m thinking of asking her to marry me,”


☆Luke Vanderbilt
Age: 22
Luke is very sincere, truthful and a great listener. His family owned a vineyard in France and he was raised to be a perfect gentleman. He’s working as a photographer, and would much rather be working behind the camera then in front of it. He was Raquel's highschool sweetheart but their romance ended ubruptly when she got pregnant to another guy. Now that they're living together in Paris, will he take her back and raise Mikayla as his own?
Status: Dating around, Raquel wants him.
Looks: Penn Badgley
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