wednesday; Marc Jacobs is designing a new perfume range called Signature. We will all be heading over to his studio to create our own signature scents.


“What do you think of this one?” I asked Corey as I held my wrist out to him.
I grinned at me and leant down. “What the hell is that?” He asked as breathed it in.
“Patchouli and sandalwood.” I smiled.
He shook his head, “It smells like tree bark.”
I shrugged and went back to making my next scent. “I feel like we should talk about Saturday night…”
“Or I could just give you another refresher,” Corey smirked from beside me. 
I looked up at him and shook my head, “Not what I meant…”
He was quiet for a while, “Okay then…what did you mean?”
“You don’t think Evangeline has cameras in her office do you?” I asked casually.
“I don’t really care,” He grinned back at me. “Besides, I think my agent is just waiting for a sex tape of me to be released…” He replied honestly.
I nodded, “Your poor agent, they must have to constantly work overtime to handle all your drama…”
“That's what their paid for.” He replied as he shrugged his shoulders.
I grinned, “But they do get to follow you around all day…It sounds like a f.cking good job to me.”
“You want to follow me around all day baby?” He laughed.
I shrugged, “Of course, where you go I go.”
“Well, I'd rather follow you around…” He admitted as he reached for my waist.
“You just want to watch my a.s,” I grinned at him as I reached up and kissed him quickly. 
“Actually that’s true… you have a really good a.s.” He smiled as he brushed his thumb across my cheek, tilting my chin back up to him.
“I think I’m finally starting to understand you Corey,”
“You think so?”
I nodded, “I do.” I replied confidently. 
“Alright…So what am I thinking right now then?”
I glanced around quickly to check that no one was listening in and c.cked my eyebrow, “You’re thinking that I should buy a desk, and we should do a repeat of Saturday night…”
He grinned down at me, “Close. But we don't need a desk baby…You do own a washing machine don’t you?”
I swallowed, “Okay I think I’m obsessed with you,”
“Good,” He said as he leant in, kissing me again. “You finally understand how I feel then.”
I bit my lip, “On my washing machine baby? Really?”
He nodded.
“That’s so wrong that…it's really right.” I admitted.
“And it's even better when it's running…”
Of course it is.
“I’m taking your word for it.” 
“You’ve never done that before?” He asked, he sounded surprised.
I shook my head, “Nope, and I really only care about doing it with you.”
“Good. I like teaching you new things.”
“Ahuh, so you’re the teacher and I'm the student?"
God this conversation was going to turn dirty fast.
I rolled my eyes at him, “You have to have more enthusiasm than that!”
He glanced back over at me, “Sorry, I was just imagining it in my head.”
I ran my tongue over my lips and nodded, “Okay I want you now.”
“I always f.cking want you…”
“Well I still win; I’ve wanted you since I was sixteen.” I smiled up at him. 
“So did I live up to the hype?”
“You were way better than the hype Corey.” 
“Really? I thought the hype played me up pretty well.....”
I shook my head, “You don't need to be played up, you're better than they say…”
He smirked, “Is that how you'll answer your next interview?”
I slid my hands onto his chest and stood on my tippy toes to whisper in his ear, “Along with Corey Lindsell gives me multiple orgasms...”
He laughed, “I’m going to have sixteen year olds banging down my door.”
“I wouldn’t be surprised, “I winked. “So what are you going to say about me?” I asked as I went back to mixing my perfume.
He stared at me for a moment or two as though he was considering his answer, “That you're the first girl I’ve ever......felt this way about...In a really long time. And that's you look really good naked.” 
I tilted my head to the side and smiled up at him, “Yeah, that was the perfect answer.”
He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes.
“What's on your mind?” I asked curiously. He just shook his head, avoiding my eyes. “You can talk to me about anything; it's what I’m here for.”
“It's nothing. If I'm the teacher are you wearing a plaid skirt and button up shirt?”
“Yes, as soon as you tell me what’s on your mind that’s worrying you. And then it can be on our minds and we can worry about it together.” I said all at once. 
He shook his head, “I'm not worried. It’s just…You’re acting kind of like nothing happened.”
I looked at him, suddenly realizing what had probably been on his mind for days…God I was the worst excuse for a girlfriend ever.
“You just didn't say them again after I didn't know if you really meant them or...”
“Or I was just caught up? I’ve never been that caught up before if I was....” 
I nodded, “The thing is...I’ve been thinking about saying them myself.”
“Why didn't you?” He asked quickly.
“Right after I came? It wouldn't have sounded genuine. And I'm honestly scared of saying them.”
“I said them right after I did.”
I nodded, “Well if you mean them, I think you should say them again,”
“How about we forget about my word vomit, and both just…wait to say them at the right time?”
“I think that is the smartest thing you've ever said to me.” I smiled, “But yeah…those words are scary Cor....”
“God, trust me I know...”
“I'm amazed were so functional.” I smiled.
“You’re right. We should be having way more sex.”
I bit my lip, “You know what?! That we definitely agree on.”
He looked down at me, suddenly looking really serious. “The truth is I really care and you and Mik.”
I smiled, “I think that’s the second most incredible thing you've ever said to me,” I admitted. 
…Right after I love you.
“I can't want to be a part of your life without wanting to be a part of Mik's too. Even if that's terrifying…”
 I shook my head, “You are without a doubt the most amazing person, well…ever.”
“You bring it out in me trust me.”
I smiled and bit my lip, “And I more than like you Corey.”
He nodded reaching for me again, “I know you do, so do I.”
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god no.



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