☆ Joshua Dean
Age: 22
Josh is one of the most in demand male models at BMM. He was discovered at 15 and has been modeling nonstop ever since. He lives in the best apartment in the city and is always the one throwing the best parties. He’s Buddhist and doesn’t believe in drinking alcohol or taking drugs so he’s perfect boyfriend material. He’s always willing to help out the other models and has a bit of reputation for going after jail bait.
Status: Single
Looks: Adrian Grenier

"Ok Josh! now 50 more frames!" Giacco the italian photographer i am working with right now told me.

"Its Joshua Giacco" i said and smiled he just waved it off like he does all the time.

"Show me some love Josh" he said 

and i tugged on my Jeans to show the pretty deep 'V' that shows in my lower abbs.

"this enough love G?" i asked with a chuckle 

he nodded.

"Take 5 people." he said.

"that dude has a crush on you Joshua!" Miles said shaking my hand.

"Yeah! its so much fun messing with his head" i said and we both laughed. 

"we are doing the Converse add?" i asked Miles.

"yeah" he said and nodded.

"Good, i dont know if i can coach a newbie in such a short time" i said 

"You are patient dude, i almost cant even stand some shoots because they take too long" he said and i shrugged.

"Ok gorgeous! shirts off, Jeans and shoes on!!!" Giacoo said excited.

"Sure thing G" i said and shot him a dazzling smile.

he blushed and Miles cracked upn laughing and i joined. it was fun messing with his head and i really loved my job.

We finished the shoot and Giacco was trying to get me on a date, but i told him i was taken, it was not a fun sight a grown gay man with tears in his eyes.

"So you planing the next party J?" Miles asked.

"Heck yeah! its going to be epic Miles! you'll see!"

"i hope so! last one was freaking amazing" he said

"Trust me this one people will talk about it for years! or at least months" i said and chuckled.

'What's the theme? i need to know!" he said. and i laughed

"Moulin Rouge..." i said proudly

"Niice dude' he said patting my shoulder

"yeah, people must wear something red, i dont know, its jsut going to be cool" i said and shrugged.

"i bet it will be, i gotta roll, see ya around?" he said 

"Sure man, see ya!" i said and started walking to my apartment sliding my aviators on.

[hope it was good! ;S]
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