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[omg, finally a bmm!! i haven't done one in forever!! :P anyways, skip a few years :P]

“Mommy!!” I heard as a tiny body jumped on the bed, jostling me out of sleep, “Today’s the photo…” Ava said, trying to remember.
“The photo shoot baby…” I smiled, looking at her as I sat up to give her a kiss, “Let’s go get dressed…” I said stepping out of bed as Ava turned to the other side, shaking Miles out of sleep.
“No Ava, let him sleep in.” I said, grabbing her hand.
She pouted, “But I want to tell him!” 
“You can after we get ready baby!” I smiled at her as I grabbed her hand as we walked to her bedroom, “What do you want to wear today?” I asked her, turning on the lights.
“A pretty dress!” She smiled, “Will you put a little blush on me? So I can look super pretty like you?” She asked, batting her lashes.
“Just a tiny bit, but don’t tell Daddy…” I winked.
She ran her fingers over her lips, “I promise!”
“Good.” I grinned at her as I pulled out a dress, “Do you like this one?”
She nodded, “Yes Mommy.” She ran to her bathroom, “Will you put this headband in my hair and curl my hair?”
I nodded with a smile, “Of course.”
In the past four years Miles and mine lives calmed down tremendously and our lives revolved around Ava. It was four years later and we were still in France and I had eventually given up my fight with Evangeline and got my job back. Everything seemed to actually go really perfectly, for once in our lives we weren’t stressed with work or with Ava. Everything was great… even though Miles and I were in the same place four years ago; in a relationship, with a kid, yet no ring. I tried not to dwell on it, because I knew Miles and I were in love and even when Ava, not my Ava, asked me why we weren’t I just told her that we didn’t need a ring or a paper to prove it. It was hard seeing her get married and I was still in the same place, but like I said before, I tried not to dwell on it.
"Are you excited baby?" I asked as I helped her change.
She nodded quickly, "I am, but I want to tell daddy." She gave me a sneaky grin.
"He's sleeping though baby! He had a really long night. You have to remember that when you go to sleep daddy is still up." 
She pouted as Miles walked into the room, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, "And what exactly is it that you want to tell me honeybee?"
Ava grinned, "Daddy!!" She jumped into his arms.
"Me and mommy are going to have our pictures taken, remember?"
"I do remember baby! Are you excited?"
She nodded, "Very!!" She wiggled out of his arms and stood in front of him, "Do you think I look pretty enough?"
He grinned, "I think you're going to grab everyone's attention baby."
"Thank you." She beamed.
“Let’s get something to eat for breakfast, baby.” I smiled at the two of them as I grabbed her hand.
“Can I have cereal Mommy?”
I smiled at her, “Of course.”
I started pouring Ava cereal, “Are you sure you want to get her into this?” Miles asked my quietly as he ran his hand down my back.
“Miles, it’s just a tiny photoshoot; a model mommy and daughter piece that Vogue is doing.
He grinned as he kissed me lightly on the cheek, “Whatever you think is best Mommy.” 
I smirked at him, “Okay Daddy.” I winked, “Here you are baby.” I placed a bowl in front of Ava and she started chewing as she stared at the French cartoon on the TV in the living room.
“We’ll be fine.” I smiled at him.

"Harper!" I heard my stylist call out my name as soon as I stepped into the studio with Ava in hand, "We have got to get you in the chair now!" We were running a bit late.
I placed my bag next to me on the floor and sat down as she started pulling my hair out of the ponytail it was in.
Ava looked around with wide eyes at the people shuffling around, amazed with her surroundings. It could be overwhelming to someone who’s never been on set before, but she was handling it well.
Ava leaned into me and whispered, “Mommy, what is that?” She said pointing at the Craft Service table and I smiled.
“That’s food for us.”
She bit her lip, “Can I have a cookie?” She asked with big bright eyes.
I nodded, “Get whatever you want baby.” I said and she quickly bounced over to the table, grabbing two cookies and walking back over to me.
“Thank you.” She told me, munching on the cookie.
“Are you ready Ava?” Another stylist came by, smiling at her.
“Me?” She said shocked.
The stylist nodded, as she helped her into the chair and started curling her hair. I took out my phone and started taking pictures of her, smiling widely.
She was even giddier when the two of us got in front of a camera… I could already tell that she wanted to be in the spotlight twenty four/seven, she was definitely my daughter. I couldn’t stop grinning the entire time, even now after four years; I still couldn’t believe what I perfect daughter I had.
Soon enough though her energy ran out and she needed a nap. Ava snored lightly against my shoulder as she slept and I rubbed her back gently, “She already fell asleep?” Big Ava walked up to me and took a seat next to me.
I nodded, “She hates naps, but she needs it. It’s good because she has ballet tonight so at least she’s getting a nap. Miles is on his way to come get her and take her home.”
Miles walked into the studio and walked towards us, “Thank you for picking her up baby.”
He gave me a charming smile, “It’s nothing.” He kissed me before slowly picking up Ava, holding her close to him, “I’ll see you later baby.”
“Bye.” I smiled, waving as he left, taking her home.
I looked back at the other Ava and smiled, “Can I ask you something?” She asked me.
I nodded, “Sure…”
She sighed, “Why aren’t you two married yet?” She asked what a lot of people asked. We had been together for almost five years, had a kid and were basically married, but I have yet to walk down the aisle.
I shrugged, “I have no clue Ava. He hasn’t asked me… and I’m not going to pressure him at all. I just can’t. Plus, we’ve got such a good thing going on, why should we go and screw it up?”
She raised a brow, “Do you really think that getting married will screw everything up?”
I shrugged again, “No clue really. Everything’s going so well. I don’t want to mess it up. We’re happy. I mean sh*t, Miles couldn’t even commit to me when I was pregnant… He dated my best friend! Now he’s an amazing father and a great boyfriend. I don’t want to mess that up, especially for my baby.”
“He might surprise you.” She smiled and I started giggling
“God, what has marriage done to you? This is not my friend speaking, this is some weird girl who’s gone gaga!”
“Yes, I know, I’m being optimistic now, but you and Miles deserve the happy ending I got.”
I smirked, “We’ll see, but maybe this is all there is for us. A common-law marriage with Ava.”
“I see you in a beautiful white dress walking down the aisle to Miles. Trust me.”
I rolled my eyes, “You’re too optimistic now, this is weird.”
I headed home shortly after to see Miles and Ava laying in each others arms watching tv.
"Mommy!!" She smiled as I walked over to them and sat down on the floor next to the couch.
"Hi baby." I kissed her forehead and then Miles on the lips.
"Hey, I was thinking, our anniversary is in a few weeks... Maybe Ava and Corey can babysit and we can go out?"
I shrugged, "I can ask." I smiled, "We never really celebrated it before."
He shrugged, "It's our five year anniversary, that's something special..."
I nodded, "I'll ask her." I smiled and gave him a kiss.
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