BnL School Uniform Series

Yes, you read that right. Basically, it's WALL-E and friends in high school. And a very elite, preppy one too, located in New York's Upper East Side. (I think that the Axiom's launch pad is in Manhattan)
And by the way, the characters have human names. Here's the listing:
WALL-E: Wallace Cooper, the junk-collecting, musical-loving new kid who is dirty and dorky, but bouncy and sugary-sweet and has won the heart of the popular girl...
EVE: Evelyn McCrea, the daughter of Captain B. McCrea, and an aspiring botanist. She is well-mannered, elegantly dressed and also highly playful.
M-O: Adrian Mo, the neat freak who doesn't go anywhere without sanitizer, disinfectant, and a squirt-and-go mop.
L-T: Leticia Coleman, the little girl who's a big ball of sunshine, always happy and smiling despite her nearsightedness.
VN-GO: Vince Lichtenstein, an art hopeful with a sense of humor that everyone finds to be an epic fail. He likes drawing manga.
HAN-S: Shiatsu Masashi, who is incredibly hyper and channels out all his energy with martial arts, and is also highly athletic.
BRL-A: Sombrilla Parasol, the seemingly stoic beach girl with a love for frozen treats and wide-brimmed sun hats.
PR-T: Partlet Cosmetic, the amateur cosmetologist who prefers to be a trend-setter rather than a follower of fashion. Unlike most of the beautician in her beauty class, she prefers to stay away from gossip.
VAQ-M: Bissell Dustbuster, who is plagued with constant dust allergies but always tries to be tidy.
D-FIB: Dee Fibrillator, a paramedic trainee who is much more knowledgeable about human health that the rest of her friends.
Audrey: An OC I made up who is supposed to be the daughter of Auto.

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love this collection! ♥


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