This outfit is perfect for a summer trip to botanical gardens, or the boardwalk, or the zoo! First of all, when doing lots of walking (especially on something other than sidewalks, ex. dirt roads [unpaved roads in general]) it's good to have comfy (and stylish) shoes to explore in. One of the most popular and girly shoes I have seen when taking walks in the summer would be white Converse. I mean, they're white. They'll go with everything. Of course, it would be cute to have baby blue or light orange Converse or Keds, but in this set I decided to go with white because they seem to be the more popular choice and they're easy to style. Another thing I would recommend when strolling the gardens would be a pair of tan shorts. I think that a tan pair is cute because it almost has that 'I'm trying something new' feel and look to them. In the set, I jazzed them up with the Vineyard Vines navy blue whales, which I think is adorable! And that leaves the top. I went for a cute and very girly peter pan collared top because the navy blue matches the shorts and the white matches the shoes. (However, t-shirts may be more comfortable in this scenario) For accessories I thought that red would be a gorgeous accent color. Therefore, I went with red Kate Spade earrings. I loved all the Kate Spade bracelet choices that I saw so I added three. I would either wear the gold anchor by itself or the red bow and blue nautical bracelet together. 

That pretty much sums up this outfit. I hope you all find inspiration from this look and if you decide to try out any of the tips above, let me know! I love hearing from you!

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