Bodum 11151 BISTRO Electric Hand Mixer
  • Bodum Bistro Electric Hand Mixer
    Why bring out the big guns when a little whipping is all it takes, and this snazzy little Bodum mixer is perfect for the job. Clumsy machines are too complicated to use, a big mess to clean, and can leave you wondering if it was worth all the effort. This handy little mixer can handle anything from whipped cream to mashed potatoes, kneading bread dough or mixing cake batters. The powerful 5 speed Bodum Bistro Hand Mixer is made from stainless steel, plastic, rubber and silicone. It not only looks fabulous, it also takes care of business, making your mixing chores feel more like fun and less like work. The cord rolls up inside the mixer for easy storage. Available in a range of fun colours. 200 Watt.
  • KitchenAid® 9-Speed Hand Mixer
    This versatile, nine-speed hand mixer automatically adjusts to maintain the perfect power for everything from mixing batter and whipping cream to stirring chocolate chips into cookie dough. Featuring heavy-gauge, artisan beaters that are 15% larger than standard beaters and a powerful motor, this mixer is able to tackle even difficult mixing tasks. A streamlined interface features a LED display that makes it easy to select and identify mixing speed. Mixer features a range of attachments for kneading dough, whisking and blending, and a swivel cord that locks on either side of the handle so it doesn’t get in the way while mixing. Included storage bag keeps everything in one place when not in use. Manufacturer: KitchenAid. Includes: 2 beaters, Pro whisk, 2 dough hooks, blending rod, storage bag. Material: Plastic, metal, stainless steel. Care: Wipe unit clean. Attachments are dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 8" x 3¾" x 5¾" Weight: 2½ lb. Watts: 220 W. Warranty: 1-year warranty. Made in USA. FEATURES: Nine speeds allow a wide range of tasks such as slowly incorporating chunky ingredients, creaming butter and sugar or whipping meringue. Electronic mixing sensor automatically adjusts torque to match the resistance of the food being mixed for smooth, consistent operation. Strategically positioned air vents cool the motor and help prevent clogging. Clean Touch™ control pad makes it easy to adjust mixing speed on the fly. Soft Start™ increases beater speed gradually to help prevent spattering. Swivel cord locks into either side of the housing for right- or left-handed use and to allow mixing from any angle. Oversized ejector button releases beaters for easy swapping or cleaning. Professional-grade stainless-steel attachments are durable, attractive and easy to clean. Ergonomic, comfortable handle provides a secure grip. Heel rest holds beaters off the countertop when not in use.
  • Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer
    Whip up cake batter, dough and more with Cuisinart's smartly designed hand mixer. Warranty Information. BPA-free plastic/stainless steel. Attachments are dishwasher safe. Imported. 8.46" X 3.94" x 8.94" 220 watts; SmoothStart feature; 9-speed LED display. Includes beaters, chef's whisk, dough hooks, spatula, storage case and recipe book. Manufacturer's limited 3-year warranty.
  • All-Clad Immersion Blender
    Whether whipping up a fruit smoothie, mashing potatoes or blending soup into smooth, creamy bisque, you’ll love the way this immersion blender powers through blending tasks. No more struggling to pour chunky mixtures from the pot into a clunky countertop blender—simply place the extra-long blending shaft into the pot or bowl and blend. The powerful, commercial-grade motor handles a wide variety of recipes with ease and features variable speed settings so you can easily achieve the perfect texture. Durable All-Clad construction features a soft-touch handle for an ergonomic grip that’s comfortable even when blending large batches and easy-to-operate controls. Manufacturer: All-Clad. Material: Stainless steel, silicone, plastic. Care: Removable shaft is dishwasher safe. Wipe blender clean. Use: Do not immerse body or electrical components. Blending head is extremely sharp and operates at high speeds. Use caution when operating and always unplug unit prior to cleaning or servicing. Dimensions: 10.9" x 5.6" Weight: 13 lb. Watts: 600 W. Warranty: 2-year limited warranty. Made in China. FEATURES: Powerful, commercial-grade motor easily blends, whips and purées a wide variety of foods. Truly variable speed with no preset settings for perfect whipping, blending and puréeing. Turbo pulse function provides an extra burst of power when needed. Extra-long stainless-steel shaft works perfectly in deep pots and other large containers—great for everything from blending soups to whipping potatoes. Dishwasher-safe shaft is removable for easy cleaning and storage. Comfortable silicone handle provides a secure, slip-free grip.
  • KitchenAid Hand Mixer
    KitchenAid's heavy-duty handheld mixer is expertly designed to conveniently tackle any mixing task. Warranty Information. BPA-free plastic/stainless steel. Wipe clean; attachments are top rack dishwasher safe. Made in USA. 6.4 X 7.5 x 3.5" Beaters designed with no center post for easy release of ingredients. Pro Whisk provides faster whipping of egg whites and creams. Energy-efficient motor; 7 speeds. Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.
  • KitchenAid KHM926 9 Speed Hand Mixer
    Mixes well with others. This 9-speed digital hand mixer takes over your kitchen with stainless steel Turbo Ii beaters that have no center post so ingredients never get clingy & even the toughest ingredients get all mixed up. Ready to work with a range of attachments, this hand mixer becomes your go-to for getting it done. Model KHM926.
  • Bodum 8 oz. Milk Frother with Glass Handle
    The Bodum range line was complemented with these fantastic milk frothers. The silk plastic lid has a deep rim to prevent foam from escaping through the spout. The plunger handle has a comfortable grip and is pleasant and smooth to touch. In less than 30 seconds you can easily whip your preheated milk into the airy foam, only a Bodum milk frother can give you. After you have served your guests, you can put every part of the milk frother into the dishwasher. Instructions: 1) Fill the frother to the line (approximately 8-10 ounces) with Cold Milk (Non Fat or Regular). 2)Place the jug onto a flat surface. 3)Place the lid with the whip onto the jug. Close the pouring outlet. 4)Beat the milk by moving the plunging frother up and down. Plunge the milk about 60-90 times (you will feel the milk getting thicker). Allow the milk to rest for about 1 minute. The froth will thicken significantly during this time. If you would like warm froth, microwave on high for 30 to 50 seconds. (Be sure to remove the plunger assembly before placing the jug in the microwave) 5)Spoon the milk froth out of your frother and onto your coffee. Enjoy. Dimensions: Overall: 8.25" H x 5" W x 5" D. Overall Product Weight: 0.8lbs.
  • KitchenAid KHM512 5 Speed Hand Mixer
    KitchenAid's hand mixer is designed with a powerful yet lightweight motor for seamless blending. Warranty Information. BPA-free plastic/stainless steel. Beaters are dishwasher safe; wipe clean base. Made in USA and Imported materials. Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.
  • Bodum® Pebo™ Vacuum Coffee Maker
    No other coffee maker has fascinated passionate coffee drinkers like Bodum’s Pebo (formerly Santos). Its exceptionally effective vacuum brewing method extracts all precious oils of your favorite coffee and prevents aroma from escaping. In addition, the brewing time and temperature are precisely calibrated, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee with each brew. You’ll love watching the revolutionary brewing process through the attached hourglass-shaped glass bowls. Depending on the amount of water used, the Pebo can brew delicious coffee within 5 to 11 minutes, serving anywhere from 4 to 8 cups. Carafe features stay-cool handle and a stopper to keep coffee warm. Includes coffee scoop and resting stand. Dishwasher safe. 34-oz. capacity. 14"H x 7"L x 11"W.
  • Cuisinart® Power Advantage™ Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer with Storage Case, Chrome
    A welcome addition to any kitchen, this innovative hand mixer packs 220 watts of power into a compact, easy-to-use package. Featuring nine speeds and a wide range of attachments, this mixer can handle even the heaviest ingredients with ease. SmoothStart™ function eliminates spattering by slowly bringing the mixer up to speed and an easy one-step power switch with LED indicator light keeps operation unfussy and simple. A swivel cord locks into position on either side of the handle to keep it from getting in the way while mixing. Included case keeps everything in one place and snaps directly onto the bottom of the unit for easy storage. Manufacturer: Cuisinart. Includes: Beaters, chef’s whisk, dough hooks, spatula, recipe book. Material: Plastic, metal. Care: Hand wipe clean. Attachments are dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 8.46" x 3.94" x 8.94" Weight: 4 lb. Watts: 220 W. Warranty: Limited 3-year warranty. Made in China. FEATURES: Powerful 220-watt motor provides exceptional mixing power and smooth operation, even when mixing thick batters. SmoothStart feature uses automatic feedback and three low mixing speeds to eliminate spattering. Nine speed settings make it easy to beat heavy batters, whip light, airy meringues or knead homemade bread dough. Includes whisks, beaters and dough hooks to tackle a wide range of mixing tasks. Clear case snaps directly onto the bottom of the unit and keeps all of the attachments in one place until ready for use.
  • Bodum Bistro Toaster
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    The aroma of freshly toasted bread in the morning makes us feel like we are going to have a perfect day. All of the orange juice and jam in the world cant duplicate that same effect without the scent of warm toast. It is quite amazing how toasted bread can lift our spirits. The BistroToaster by Bodum is designed to toast to perfection. A variable browning button lets you set the toaster to your preferred level, delivering perfectly toasted bread every time. Includes a handy defrost feature and comes with a rack to keep bread, bagels, muffins and croissants warm. The toasting slots also have adjustable widths allowing the Bistro Toaster to keep the toast in place. Also features a slide out crumb tray for easy clean-up and a cord retainer to adjust or store the cable away. 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 900-980W European power rating.
  • Cuisinart Smart Stick 2 Speed Hand Mixer
    Blending ingredients is a breeze with Cuisinart's easy-to-operate handheld mixer. Its versatile attachments include a chopper, whisk and 16 ounce mixing beaker. Warranty Information. Stainless steel/plastic. Hand wash. Imported. 2.13 X 2.60 x 14.00" 200 watt motor. Push-button control and easy-grip handle. Manufacturer's limited three-year warranty.
  • Bodum Eileen Coffee Maker, 4 Cup
    Bodum developed the Eileen French press coffee maker not only in honour of the great Irish designer Eileen Gray 1879-1976, but for all the coffee connoisseurs who frequent the bistros and cafés of Paris (Greys adopted city). Specifically designed to withstand the exacting conditions of busy cafe and restaurant use. A solid steel frame protects the glass from knocks and bumps, and the square handle makes it easy to carry more than one at the time. Who says you cant have your own private Parisian bistro at home. The Eileen has become an instant classic. It has all the wonderful advantages of a French press system built into its modernistic style. 4 cup, 0.5 Litre, 17oz. Also available in 8 cup version.
  • KitchenAid 7-Speed Hand Mixer
    Offering optimum control and versatility for mixing, KitchenAid 7-Speed Hand Mixer's features include 3 slow-stir speeds and one high whip speed. A comfortably designed handle makes hand mixing easier than ever. Warranty Information. Plastic/stainless steel. Attachments are dishwasher safe. Made in USA. 6.4 X 3.5 x 7.5" Powerful lightweight DC motor. Clean touch control pad with LED linear display. Includes stainless steel turbo beaters and pro wire whisk. Manufacturer's limited 1-year warranty. View Demo Video.
  • Bodum 8 cup chamboard coffee maker
    Bodum 8 cup chamboard coffee maker. 8 Cup, 1.0l capacity, brews 34oz of coffee with stainless steel frame and filter, withstands extremes of temperature and has a unique safety lid designed by Bodum. Stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. 1 Year guarantee. Height 24.5 cm. Width 16 cm.
  • Bodum Bistro Set Electric Blender With Accessories
    When we think of the benefits of using the Bodum Bistro Blender set, three things immediately come to mind, its easy and fun to work with, it helps make nutritious foods, and its really easy to clean. It comes with three easy stick-on attachments, the knife for making anything from mouth-watering smoothies on ice to steamy creamy vegetable soups, the whisk for making fabulously airy mashed potatoes, and the beater for making thick milk foam, whipped cream or for beating eggs. It also comes with a beaker for pureeing and storing leftovers in the fridge when its topped of with the lid. The Bistro Blender Stick is also great for preparing baby food too. It will become your number one cant live without kitchen tool in no time. Just stick it into any pan, pot, glass or bowl and it will do its job effortlessly at push of a button. Once you are done, simply let it run in a bowl of hot water for a bit and it cleans itself. The 2 speed Bistro Blender Stick is made from plastic and stainless steel. 200 W, 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz European power rating.
  • Bodum Bistro Kettle
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    Its nice to have some transparency in our complex everyday lives, and in this case its just a water kettle that's letting you in on its inner workings but it sure makes for a promising start into a new day. See the water bubbling up in this double wall glass kettle and its crystal clear, the Bistro kettle is not only an investment in your daily tea and coffee pleasures, but in the environment as well. Due to the double wall system the insulation is better and the water stays hot for a longer time. The inner wall, that is in contact with the water, is made from borosilicate glass, the most neutral and most suited material to keep water absolutely pure. The outer wall is made from clear plastic, it protects the glass from shocks and makes it much less prone to breaking. The 1.1 Litre Bistro electric water kettle comes in different eye-catching colours. 1500 W 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz European rating.
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  • Breville® Chrome 16-Speed Hand Mixer
    Breville’s powerful hand-held mixer has 16 precise speeds, so you can whisk, beat, cream and blend like a pro. With professional-grade features such as easy thumb control, twin beater action, and a backlit LCD with count-up timer, this is a must-have for all busy bakers. The mixer’s soft-touch handle is designed to reduce fatigue , and for an extra burst of power anytime you need it, we recommend using the turbo option. Set includes hand mixer, two stainless steel flat beaters, one stainless steel wire whisk, two stainless steel dough hooks, and five-foot-long cord. 200 watts. 6" h x 7½" l x 3½" w.
  • Bodum 12 cup chamboard coffee maker
    Bodum 12 cup chamboard coffee maker. 12 Cup coffee maker, 1.5l capacity, brews 51oz of coffee with stainless steel frame and filter, withstands extremes of temperature. Comes with a unique safety lid designed by Bodum. Stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. 1 Year guarantee. Height 19.2 cm. Width 13.8 cm.
  • Crate & Barrel KitchenAid ® Silver 9-Speed Contour Hand Mixer
    From the stand mixer mavens at KitchenAid, this heavy duty hand mixer does it all with a durable and quiet DC motor, nine speeds for maximum precision, and soft start feature for delicate ingredients. Enduring, stylish design features a sleek silver finish and comfort-grip handle. Integrated sensor adjusts to the resistance of your mix for smooth, consistent results. Includes two stainless steel Turbo Beater II accessories, pro whisk, two dough hooks and a blending rod that turns the mixer into a hand blender. Swivel cord locks out of the way to either side. More KitchenAid® colors and items available via special order.
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  • Bodum 3 cup chamboard coffee maker
    Bodum 3 cup chamboard coffee maker. 3 Cup coffee maker, 0.35l capacity, brews 12oz of coffee with stainless steel frame and filter, withstands extremes of temperature. Comes with a unique safety lid designed by Bodum. Stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. 1 Year guarantee. Height 19.1 cm. Width 13.5 cm.
  • Cuisinart Hm-50 Hand Mixer, 5-Speed PowerAdvantage
    Take this Cuisinart hand mixer for a spin and get creative in the kitchen. From airy meringues to silky smooth batters, you'll have five speeds of mixing power at your fingertips, and a whole new world of culinary opportunity in the palm of your hands. Three-year limited warranty. Model Hm-50.
  • BODUM Bistro toaster
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    What is it about the aroma of freshly toasted bread in the morning that makes us feel like we're going to have a perfect day? Bodum's Bistro toaster comes complete with a variable browning button to deliver perfectly toasted bread every time, as well as a handy defrost feature and rack to keep bread, bagels, muffins and croissants warm. The toasting slots have adjustable widths to keep the toast in place, while the toaster also features a slide–out crumb tray for easy clean–up and a cord retainer to adjust or store the cable away. Bodum stainless steel and plastic toaster. 2.15kg. 220–240 V ~ 50⁄60Hz. 900–980 Watt. 100 cm⁄39.4 inch cord length. Height 26cm, width 31.5cm, depth 19.5cm. Stainless steel, plastic. Wipe clean.
  • Cuisinart Hand Mixer with Storage Case
    This versatile hand mixer provides the perfect speed for every task – whether you’re whipping cream, mixing a batter or making cookie dough. As easy to store as they are to use, the compact mixer and its high-performance attachments tuck neatly into their own custom case. Nine speeds to suit the task at hand. Electronic sensor automatically maintains speed regardless of resistance from batter. Digital control pad displays beater speed at a glance. Digital count-up timer tracks mixing time. Smooth-start feature eliminates splattering and wafting flour. High speeds are ideal for cream, egg whites and meringues. Low speeds mix heavy doughs, frostings and batters. Snap-on storage case holds mixer and attachments. Includes extra-long beaters, whisk attachment, dough hook and spatula.
  • Bodum Bistro Electric Kettle
    Save money by brewing your coffees or teas at home with the Bodum Bistro Electric Kettle. The transparent kettle features a double-wall system. The inner wall is made from borosilicate glass which is the most neutral and best suited material to keep water pure and the outer wall is made from clear shock-proof, shatter-resistant plastic.
  • KitchenAid KHM7210ACS Architect 7 Speed Hand Mixer
    This is what a good hand looks like-KitchenAid's 7-speed digital hand mixer puts control & precision right at your fingertips. A quiet, energy-efficient motor works in tandem with stainless steel Turbo Ii beaters that have no center post to ensure that no ingredients get stuck & even the toughest are mixed & mastered. Model KHM7210ACS.