the body electric | Endellion

* Endellion Jones
* Half-Welsh, Half-Piedmontese.
* Dresses like a princess, loves metal. Serious metalhead.
* Sometimes has a bit of a goth-girl vibe, but her wardrobe is eclectic and tends towards the girly. She likes wild hair colours and cuts and piercings.
* Exorcist and monster-hunter.
* Hilarious, witty, bouncy, enthusiastic, sweet and irrelevant. Motor-mouth. Spunky. Fun. Defiant. Rebellious. Childish. Petty. Stubborn. A bit of a slacker. The comic relief. Can grate on some people and does drag her heels. A bit of a rebellious child at heart.
* Joined the order after her sister got possessed and she did what she had to do.
* Has heterochromia.
* Lively.
* Slightly psychic/medium-ish. Only a tiny bit.
* Blames self for sister's possession.
* Brings the sharp pointy things and the firepower.
* Very gung-ho and spontaneous and should probably think things through a little more.
* Loves easily, gets hurt easily, not as strong as she thinks she is.
* Partners in crime with Oktyabrin.
* Tiny bit of a perv.
* Fearless when she has something sharp in her hand and a bottle of holy water. Fights like a demon. But then, when she's defenceless, not quite as brave. She still tries.
* Gets knocked down, gets up again - but not effortlessly.

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