Bohfurian Catsody

Bohfurian Catsody
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This is a group all about having a precious little fur balls (unless you like sphynxs) of joy in our sets. Their cute little paws, their glaring eyes of ultimate cuteness, their sleek whiskers, and their darling noses. This is for all the cat lovers out there who like to acknowledge the cuteness of cats in their sets.
Now, the only rule here to join is to have a cat in your set. As long as we see the cat, then your set is welcome to participate in the triumph to impress the group of cats which will be managing this page. YES, we are cats managing this page. Also, if there's a dog in the photo and if the dog scares me, I will not accept your dang set because as a cat myself, I don't like dogs okay. Thank you and have a good day :)
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