i was tagged by the amazing @i-love-stan-the-man in her cute set: http://www.polyvore.com/abc_about_me_quiz_yayyy/set?id=63476500
I know, I'm quite late but... I've done it! It was soooooooooo funny to do :D 

RULES: Tag 20 people and fill out these questions! (^o^)
Available: yessss
Birthday: 11th February
Crush: Taeyang ♥
Drink You Last Had: Water
Easiest Person to talk to: my polyvore friends ♥
Favorite Song: I can't choose!!!!! Right now i'm obssesed ONCE AGAIN with 2ne1 Lonely.
Gummy Bear or Gummy Worms: BEARS!
Hometown: BCN! (barcelona .___.)
In Love: With YG Family
Killed Someone: Of course! One person everyday :)
Longest Car ride: hummm.... 6 hours
Milkshake Flavor: yogurth and banana
Number of Siblings: an older sister (by the way: LOVE YA SISTER!)
One Wish: Join YG! :D 
Person you called last: It's been a long time since I called someone... I think it was my mother :3
Song You Last Sang: YOU GOT THE FIRE~
Time you woke up: 6:30 am
Underwear Color: Red XD
Temperature oustide: FRIZZING!
What radio station do you listen to: I used to listen to a Spanish radio called Flaixbac
Last thing you bought: Drinks o___o
Last thing you watched on tv: The Simpson xD
Last person you took a picture of: Friends and I
Ever cried your heart out: wow...hard and sad question. I really don't know
Ever cried on your friends shoulder: YEA
EVer cried to sleep: Lots of times TT
Ever cried over the opposite gender: Maybe, right now I don't remember
Do songs make you cry: Yes :$
Are you a happy person: ...Sometimes
Hair color: Brunette :3

Well, I'm not gonna tagg anybody, I know that you guys are really bussy as me :)

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