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Jacquelyn Jablonski as Meredith Sulez

From Wikipedia: "Meredith is one of Elena's closest friends. Meredith is tall, with an olive complexion, dark eyes, heavy black lashes, and loose black hair. According to Elena, she never wears make-up because she doesn't need any. She is described as very elegant and beautiful. One of Meredith's "distinguishing features" is that she has a "very elegant eyebrow". Calm and collected: Meredith seems to be one of the most sensible and grounded characters in the books, amongst Elena's friends and often comes across as "the voice of reason". Meredith is best friends with Elena Gilbert and Bonnie McCullough but she is also friends with Stefan Salvatore. She has a very wry personality, often making keen observations or (somewhat humorous) comments in a dry tone. She is normally very cool and unflappable, calm under pressure, and extremely competent. She does things with minimal fuss, displaying grace, skill, and dignity."

Theme song: Don't panic by Coldplay
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