We all sat around the bonfire chatting. The night air was cold on my bare legs but the fire's heat brushed up against them to keep them from freezing. I Leaned into Brad's chest and sighed, he smelled so good! 

"Want to go for a walk?" He whispered into my ear. I nodded and pulled his jacket tight around me as we walked toward the beach. Once we reached the water Brad turned to me and pulled something out of his pocket. A little box, covered in velvet.

My heart stopped was this a...? "To add." He said opening the box revealing a new charm for our bracelet that I wear. It was a little palm tree, and it was perfect. "Thank you." I said hooking it on to my bracelet and admiring the way it sat against my wrist. I got on my tippy toes stretching up and kissed him. It was a sweet kiss so light and innocent. He wrapped his arms around me as I intertwined my fingers in his hair. His hands slid down my back pushing me against him, okay maybe not so innocent. The last rays of sunlight reflected on the water as we broke apart and stayed in the embrace. Brad swayed back and forth and then...Ferra walked up. I let go of Brad and turned to face her. "Ya?" I said a little too coolly. I walked over and stood with her away from Brad. "Is Mel here yet?" She asked. "I have no idea." I answered. "You guys are amazing together." She said sweetly. "Thanks." I said longing to return to Brad. Ferra smiled and walked back to the fire and I ran. 

I ran and jumped on Brad straddling him, and hooking my legs behind his back. I giggled and resumed kissing him. How did I get so lucky?
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