80s era Ramones I guess aren't grunge but whatever. I was going to throw in a Green River song but I couldn't find the one I wanted so up yours amazon. 

[I love you amazon. Truly. You're bringing me Skelita Calaveras and Picture Day Draculaura by the weekend. I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM.]

Um, so I'm joining this: 

I chose Opulent Grunge for these reasons
-It sounded oxymoronic. I don't think this is actually a thing [if it's a tumblr thing that doesn't count. In fact it counts less.] so I decided to hi-jack it and become the first member since
-I have a god-like complex and authority over straightening out posers in the category of all things punk and grunge. 
-Because learning its actual history is what I did in Jr High and High School
-Rather than waiting until it was 'cool' and 'retro' in this decade that desperately needs some new ideas and totally gentrified into TopShop poser bullshit and reblogged to death by a community of self-hating psuedo-feminists who wouldn't know a Mudhoney song if I rammed it up their arse.
-And I should be accepted because once I put my soapbox away I'm very nice.
-Frankly all I want is to educated these poor dumbasses. Like, here's a good place to start music-wise.

[Apparently wiki doesn't consider Jane's grunge either but I get where they're coming from. But I would add the first 3 Jane's Addiction albums to that list as well.]


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