I am seriously in love with this book and series, you have no clue! If you are into the Vampire Diaries, Twilight, or any sort of supernatural romance novel then definitely read it! I picked it up on the shelf a year ago and it was added to my giant stack of books I need to read and I final go to it and I finished the book in 2 days! I absolutely couldn't put it down!

Here is the plot:
Ever Bloom is a girl that has psychic abilities. Ever since her parents and little sister Riley died in an accident long ago, she has been able to see people's auras, read thoughts, and even know the contents of a book with a touch, along with a person's history. She is known as a freak throughout her school, until Damen Auguste transfers from New Mexico. He's gorgeous, sweet and can do things a normal person cannot. But that's not what attracts her. What attracts her is that Damen has no visible aura, and she cannot read his thoughts.

PS I am back into writing! woohoo!

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