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Rating: 3.4 stars out of 5

It feels like it has taken me forever to write this review! 

So it seems like a lot of people seemed to have picked up this book or became interested in it because Giovanna Fletcher is the wife of Tom Fletcher from McFly. I didn’t necessary picked it up for that reason, even though I thought it was an interesting fact. I had to remind myself ‘Who is tom Fletcher again?’ I wasn’t a massive McFly fan, as you can see. I was a Busted fan though when I was 13. 

Plot synopsis: This book is about Sophie May who has a ‘secret.’ It’s the reason why she give up her dreams of attending university and travelling the world, to live with her mum in her little village and working in a local teashop. But then she meets Billy Buskin, an upcoming famous actor. They fall in love, as Sophie is whisked in Billy’s glamorous yet ruthless lifestyle. 

This review contains some mild spoilers:

Sophie is a really sweet, bubbly and likeable character, however she is very insecure and shy because of her supposedly ‘secret’. Well, to be honest, it isn’t really a big secret. If you read it, you will know that it is about her dad who died; she felt responsible for it. She blamed herself for years and never got over it. Because of this, she lost herself. She wasn't that extroverted bubbly girl anymore. I think she came out of her shell a little bit more when she meets Billy. Her friendship with Molly was so adorable and realistic. It kind of touched me. 

What I liked about this book was that the dialogue was very British and Giovanna Fletcher really captured the mood of the countryside. I really like the teashop that Sophie worked at. I don’t know why I kept thinking of the Cath Kidston store. 

The problem I had with Sophie is she is really overly sensitive about certain stuff. For example, when Billy had to show his butt when performing in theatre and Sophie gasped, but I suppose she was not expecting it. I find it very hard to believe that Sophie is an adult because reading her perspective did not feel like I was reading about a 26-year-old. Giovanna Fletcher actually didn’t tell me Sophie or Billy’s age and there’s not much description on what they look like. Sophie sounds like she is 16-year-old because she doesn’t sound very mature. 

Billy was a one-dimensional character. There was nothing really charming about him. He’s not very ‘swoony’ like some characters are written in books. Billy was just ‘sweet’ and that’s about it. His catchphrase throughout this book was “Hey baby!” I felt like the author tried to make out like he’s this heartthrob but he ended up sounding very flat. I do kind of wonder if Sophie and Billy are both shouting at each other or maybe they are just really hyper and optimistic because there are a few exclamation marks. 

I’m not sure if his big whirlwind Hollywood career sounded realistic. For example, when Billy was nominated for a BAFTA, he had to win, didn't he? Then he’s getting all these amazing roles without even auditioning. I mean, really. I don’t know much about actors getting film roles but what I do know from reading is that they have to go for a screen test to see if they are right for the part and if the casting director or whatever likes her/him, then that person will go to another audition with other actors or their leading lady/man to see if it works or if they have chemistry on set. I mean, what a shocker that was when Billy found out that his leading lady was his ex. Awkward, much? Billy was too self-absorbed in his own career that he abandons Sophie. They were living together in London so that they could become closer but it drove them further apart from each other. 

I know it must have been difficult for Sophie and I understand her point of view. It’s only acting, but it really does get to her when Billy has to kiss someone else on set or has to be in a intimate scene, depending what kind of film it is. She also gets jealous quite easily. When Billy’s just chatting with his co-stars on set, Sophie just automatically assumes that girls fancies him, that makes me think, so despite being in love and already living together, they don’t have much trust. 

There are some grammatical errors in this book that I spotted, such as “I’ve no idea who they’re talking about and so zone out and think about Jude,” this sentence didn’t make any sense. Shouldn’t it be “and so I zone out”? Who edited this book? Also the word multi-millionaire was misspelt because it was spelt as “mutli-millionaire” in the book. Tut, tut, tut. Anyone would have seen this error if it was proofread. 

There are parts 1 - 4 in this book. I liked part 1 probably the most and the ending of part 4, but part 2 and 3 was boring. 

When I finished reading this book, it was so obvious to me this it was inspired by Giovanna’s own experiences of having a famous husband. Billy was obviously Tom Fletcher and Sophie was the author. Their romance felt a bit rushed because I didn’t feel like it was developed very well. It could have been written and developed well but it wasn’t. On the other hand, Molly and Sophie’s friendship was developed nicely and that felt real. 

Oh and another thing before I forget - Sophie is another one of those characters who loves Wuthering Heights and all classics. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that. Its just that there are so many characters in books who often say they love the classics. I don't know about you, but I personally hate Wuthering Heights. 

Overall, I did like the story but it was a very forgetful story. I thought the ending was emotional, as it kind of touched me and I felt like Sophie got a little more mature towards the end. In part 3, she was kind of selfish, because she was very self-absorbed in her life in London, but afterwards she opened her eyes to what was happening. I liked the emotional element that Giovanna included because it didn’t make it seem all about celebrities and Hollywood. 

Before reading, I knew beforehand that this will only a 3ish star out of 5. The main reason I picked up this book was because I generally do like the famous actor and normal girl pairing in books, as I find it cute and sweet, despite how clichéd it is! This book is Young Adult but I think it is more suited to a younger audience.

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