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I’ve heard about Bloodlines for a while but since I was over reading vampire books, I didn’t pick it up when it was first released. However, it has been only recently that I thought I actually wanted to read this because I think I do actually miss reading YA fantasy series and that I might be missing out on something potentially great. I tend to read so much contemporary romance and shitty dystopians. The last vampire book I read was Spirit Bound and that was three or four years ago. I didn’t read Last Sacrifice because I heard it wasn’t good, but after finishing Bloodlines, I may go back to reading it. 

Anyway, so plot synopsis: This book is a spin-off from the Vampire Academy series. Our main character Sydney Sage, the Alchemist and she has been recruited to protect Jill (you remember her right? Lissa’s half-sister). Jill is a target to be killed and if she is killed, then Lissa won’t be Queen anymore. So Eddie and Sydney are working undercover as students at the boarding school to protect Jill. 

This review may contain spoilers: 

So Sydney isn’t the most likeable character because she is so hard to connect with, as she is the main character. She’s a closed book and keeps her emotions in check. Both Sydney and Eddie are really trying to do well in this mission after getting in trouble for helping Rose in Last Sacrifice. 

Sydney extremely inept of having any kind of social skills and it is pretty funny when she interacts with other students. There was this one scene, where this guy was trying to ask her out and he was asking her about cinema, but Sydney just dismisses it saying no she’s not into films. It seemed very sarcastic and the poor guy looked confused. 

I suppose the annoying thing about Sydney was that every time she was alone in a room with vampires, she would be like oh my god, vampires everywhere, they’re going to bite me! Or I am pretending to be Jill’s sister, and she’s going to be my roommate, what if she bites me at night?! NO SYDNEY. Moroi vampires aren’t evil and they don’t kill innocents. They drink human blood but they won't kill them. The endorphins are released, which makes the humans high. They behave like normal people and unlike Jasper Cullen, Moroi vampires can control themselves of thirst (I don’t think they smell scents). 

Jill and Zoe (Sydney’s little sis) both piss me off. Sydney is only trying to protect them because she cares. Zoe is all ‘you made me look stupid and weak!’ and Jill is like ‘I can't have fun!’ Bloody hell. Drama queens. 

Alchemists are wary and scared of vampires. They believe they are evil and unnatural creatures. You’d think being an Alchemist, they’d be fine with working with vampires, but NO. What is the point of being an Alchemist if they are so wary of vampires? 

The thing about Sydney is that she’ll just stand back and say nothing. She wants to say something but she can’t because that’s how she was brought up and doesn’t want to get into trouble but Keith gets her into trouble anyway! If it was Rose, she will speak her mind and she wouldn’t take any bullcrap. I think Sydney does have good intentions because she is a very strong, intelligent and smart character. 

I don’t know what Richelle Mead is trying to do here with the romance with Jill, because all these older guys are into her for some odd reason. She is fifteen. She’s a child. Micah is the same age as her but Lee and Eddie are nineteen. Eff me I don’t get it. 

“Yeah? Can you draw a skeleton riding a motorcycle with flames coming out of it? And I want a pirate hat on the skeleton. And a parrot on his shoulder. A skeleton parrot. Or maybe a ninja skeleton parrot? No, that would be overkill. But it'd be cool if the biker skeleton could be shooting some ninja throwing stars. That are on fire.”

I love Adrian! Mann, it has been way too long since Spirit Bound. He was one of my favourite characters in VA. He is a spoiled vampire party boy. I’ve got a soft spot for him because he is funny and cute. The tattoo comment was so funny. I had to refrain myself from laughing because I was reading this in public!

It was so interesting to hear that Adrian and Jill are bound, so that is why she knows everything about Adrian, such as how he’s feeling and what he’s doing. Jill died but since Adrian is a spirit user, he was able to bring her back to life, making her Shadow Kissed, like Rose. However, Jill suffers from being bound to Adrian because she has to endure Adrian’s hangovers, drinking and sex. 

Keith, who is another Alchemist, is a DICK. At first, I didn’t know what the eff his problem is, but towards at the end, it came full circle and I know why Sydney hates him so much. Keith was up to no good, just as I expect. Now I know why he was so adamant for Zoe to take the job. It is because he knew Sydney would realise that he was up to no good and he wasn’t! 

At first I didn’t mind Lee, I thought he was a nice guy, but then I got suspicious of him. There was something fishy about him and I was right! He was a Strigoi but he got cured 5 years ago by a spirit user but desperately wants to be Strigoi again but it has failed several times. Interesting fact – apparently once you are cured back to being a Moroi, you will never be Strigoi again. 

In that last scene where Lee’s got the knife, I was scared for Sydney because she’s no Rose. She can’t defend herself. She was defenceless. And Adrian? He can’t defend himself either. Damsel and dude in distress. What’s going to happen? Where's Eddie? Couldn’t Jill have seen this really quickly? It took forever! 

Sydrian. It’s going to happen sooner or later! I am excited. I think they’ve got something. I read a review that complained that there’s no romance. Romance takes time to develop to make it realistic and I hate instalove. So I appreciate that Richelle Mead did not rush into romance for Sydney (she’s so oblivious). Anyway this is only the first book, there’s plenty of time for romance to develop. Jill and Lee were too rushed – this more infatuation than love. 

I finished reading Bloodlines really quick, so I give this book 4 stars but my actual rating is a 3.8 stars. The problems with this book is that pacing is really really slow. Nothing happens throughout this book until that last quarter and when Sydney finally solved the mystery to the puzzle. I mean if it were any other VA book, exciting stuff would have happen midway. Since Sydney is the main character of this series, the witty humour was missing because Sydney is a serious character. I don’t think she can take a joke. Anyway, I can’t complain because Sydney isn’t Rose, but I am sure that the next few books will be just as awesome as VA. 

What do you guys think of the cover? Personally I really like the white cover, which is why I had to include it!

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