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Rating: ★★★★ 

After that cliffhanger in the last book, I just had to read City of Lost Souls. 

“I was hoping they’d put up flyers like they do for cats,” he said. “’Missing, one stunningly attractive teenage boy. Answers to ‘Jace’ or ‘Hot Stuff.’”

This book is primarily centered on a quest to finding Jace. At the ending of City of Fallen Angels, Simon bit Sebastian – who turned out to be alive. Somehow, he managed to lure Jace and bind them together as one through demon Lilith’s magic, which makes Jace possessed under Sebastian’s control. The Clave are out to kill Sebastian. Alec, Simon, Magnus and Isabelle must attempt to find a way to save Jace and break the bound. 

I honestly don’t know what to say about this book...because there was really not much to say and it did unfortunately take 535 pages to get to the point! This was a little better than City of Fallen Angels, but there were some things that annoyed me. 

One of the things was the four love stories. Three love stories are enough but four?! The fact that the POVs kept jumping back and forth grated on my nerves. We’ve got Clary and Jace, Alec and Magnus, Isabelle and Simon, Jordan and Maia. I don’t understand the love story between Isabelle and Simon; it’s nice that there was more of Isabelle and seeing her vulnerable side, but it was still underdeveloped. I honestly did not care about Jordan and Maia. It was interesting to read about their relationship in CoFA, but in this book, I thought it was unnecessary and it lengthened the book. 

Speaking of what was unnecessary... Alec and Magnus broke up, wtf?! 
The “sub-plot” was that Alec goes to see Camille about a way of making himself immortal, so that he can be with Magnus forever. Only to find out he actually can’t unless he becomes a vampire. I thought Alec sounded really out of character because it doesn’t sound like something he would do, going to Camille for help. Magnus finds out in the end that Alec has been going to her to find a way to shorten his life. This is the end of their relationship, which is left dangling and hopefully this will be dealt with in City of Heavenly Fire. 

What is the deal with Maureen killing Camille? This was a twist. 

Clary. I didn’t mind her in the first three books, in fact I thought she was a good protagonist, but in this book I was annoyed with her. So she goes with Jace, in hope she will do some good digging and find out what Sebastian’s evil plot is. Unfortunately she goes off track a little, has a little bit of fun and loses the faerie ring (a magical contact) along the way. She keeps reminding herself time after time, that the Jace she is with is not the ‘real’ Jace. At this point I was quite bored and wondered whether Clary will find any ‘real’ information, because she seems busy having a fly time with Jace! 

“I love you,” he said. “And you make me happier than I ever thought I could be. And now that I know what it’s like to be someone else – to lose myself – I want my life back. My family. You. All of it.”

The non-possessed Jace appears, which is confusing because if you’re can you be yourself even for a short time? 
I felt sorry for Jace, it was quite a moving scene... the fact the only way to end Sebastian's plan was to give himself up to the Clave. But Clary stops him because it means she’d lose him forever. So you know what she did? She’d called for her freakin’ brother. At this scene, I really wanted to throw a brick at her. At this particular scene, Sebastian plan is revealed, shocking Clary. It was one stop away from Jace stopping Sebastian, but Clary prevented him saving the world. Jace wanted to sacrifice himself because he’d rather die than be under his control. 

Sebastian. Good Lawrd. Just when you thought Jace finally got rid of him in City of Glass. But no, he’s alive, more evil than ever and plans to burn down the world. 

In one of the chapters ‘Brothers and Sisters,’ Clary follows Sebastian to Paris through some Portal door. Unfortunately some demons caught a glimpse of her and go attack her. She tries fends herself without any weapons, but unfortunately the demon had the upper hand and this is where Sebastian, ironically saves her. Yes, that’s right, Sebastian actually spared her life. 

There is a scene of Clary and Sebastian in a French café after he saves her. It would have been so much better if Sebastian weren’t so evil. He says that they’re more alike than she thinks and I think that’s sort of true. Clary, after all, did tell Angel Raziel to kill Valentine and didn’t feel bad about it. Well...Valentine was evil.

Sebastian is a creep. He’s really a sick person. He went far by kissing Clary in City of Ashes when he knew that she was his sister, but in this book, he went too far! He overstepped the mark that should not be crossed. He tried to r.ape her; that was uncomfortable to read about, and it doesn’t sound like he gives a sh*t that they are siblings. 

I gave this book 4 stars out of 5 because of the last few chapters, which I thought really picked up the storyline. The first half was really slow; hence nothing happened much. It was only ¾ into the book when it gets interesting. I’ve talked about what was bad about this book, but what was good about it is that it dealt with sacrifices. I think Simon shined in this book because he thought of the idea if he could raise Angel Raziel, as he has the Mark of Caine, he can’t be killed. It was worth a shot. He sacrificed his mark in exchange for Michael’s sword to stab either Sebastian or Jace, which means the bound between them, will break. If it weren’t for Simon, then Jace would still be under Sebastian control and they’d be doomed. Not that they aren’t already...

Clary a very irrational and reckless character, but on the other hand, it’s good in this book in particular, that she is an activist and is more proactive. She finally kicked some demon ass! I mean it did take 4 long books, but anyway, better late than never! But then she starts laughing about it, as if she’s invincible and I just...shake my head. 

Memorable quotes:

“Jace won’t find that odd at all. You can tell him you’ve always been secretly in love with him and you can’t stand being parted.” 

“I hate ducks. Don’t know why. I always have.” 
So strange, Will hates ducks too! It runs in the Herondale family. 

“You drank his blood, didn’t you? You said you weren’t hungry!”
Simon was indignant. “I did not drink his blood. He’s fine!” 

“Clary could make out the signature: With hope at least, William Herondale.”

I liked the last chapter; I thought it ended quite well, despite Sebastian escaping. Jace is recovering and he is back to himself. After Clary stabbed him, fire from the sword lingered inside of him. When anyone touches him, they feel some sort of heat, which the Silent Brothers are examining. There is a cliffhanger at the end of the epilogue, where Mayrse receives a message from Sebastian and that’s the end of the book. 

Well, I can’t say I’m excited for City of Heavenly Fire. This book was good, as in a sense that I was compelled to continue reading because Cassandra is a good writer, but it wasn’t as good as the trilogy. 

Anyway, here are some snippets in the last book, via Cassandra’s tumblr: 

Alec looked down at the shattered pieces in disbelief. “You BROKE my PHONE.”
Jace shrugged. “Guys don’t let other guys keep calling other guys. Okay, that came out wrong. Friends don’t let friends keep calling their exes and hanging up. Seriously. You have to stop.”
Alec looked furious. “So you broke my brand new phone? Thanks a lot.”
Jace smiled serenely and lay back on the grass. “You’re welcome.”

Hopefully in the last book of the series, we will see the end of Sebastian/Jonathan Morgenstern. It’s been a long time coming. 
On a side note: I just remembered the name Sebastian reminds me of the lobster in that Disney Film, Ariel! I had to point that out. Interesting names authors pick for villains, I must say.
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