Another old draft and proper book review this time, not like when I reviewed fanfiction lol. Read from 10-15th November. 

Rating: ★★★★

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga was surprisingly good! I wasn’t expecting it to be this good. To be honest, first two chapters didn’t exactly grab me. I did consider giving up but after reading the reviews again, I decided to give it a go before I can judge. Then after the third chapter, I was completely hooked in the story! It was so addicting. I couldn’t put it down! It’s like when your watching a really amazing TV show and you can’t stop watching. 

I came across this book really randomly... I looked up the cover artist who designed the cover for Daughter of Smoke & Bone and the I Hunt Killers series was on top of the page. So I went to check it out and I’m so glad I picked this up!

Plot synopsis: The story is about seventeen-year-old Jasper “Jazz” Dent, who is the son of a notorious serial killer Billy Dent - now has been caught and locked up for 25 years. Jazz tries to lead a normal life at school but remains an outsider. The only two people that keep him sane are his girlfriend Connie and best friend Howie. When mysterious murders of girls start happening at their local area, Jazz is determined to hunt down the serial killer to prove that he will not end up like his Dear Old Dad. 

*This is a spoiler free review*

I like Jazz. He is a very complex and interesting character. He tries so hard to be the good guy and struggles with his demons because of how he was brought up. He knows the difference between doing what’s right and what’s wrong, but has the urge to kill. His dad brought him along to “work,” so Jazz has witness the blood, the bodies, knows the mind of a killer and how to think like one. Dear Old Dad Billy has shown Jazz what he does and creepily tells him “it’s like cutting a chicken...” he’s afraid of turning out like his dad. He constantly needs to remind himself that people are real and they matter. He is always questioning himself as well, like is he helping because he cares or is he just doing it to prove himself that he’s not like his dad? Or is he just lying to himself? 

It’s interesting to see a YA genre crime/mystery novel because the themes are dark, as some of the scenes are quite graphic and gore. But the way Barry Lyga writes creates a good balance between a dark themes and humour to lessen the dark theme. The writing is so good! It is well written, descriptive, and it clearly shows that Lyga has done his research because the story feels realistic. The writing lures me into wanting to read more! I love reading from the third person point of view in general because I feel like it tells me the story better than experiencing it in first person point of view. It’s just the majority of YA books are told from the first person perspective on a female teenager (they always seem to annoy/frustrate me one way or another!) It’s nice to see a book like this one told from a third person perspective by a teenaged boy. 

Some humourous quotes: 

“And what? Accidentally cuts off three fingers postmortem? 'Oops, oh, no, my girlfriend just died! Clumsy me, in trying to perform CPR, I chopped off some fingers! Guess I'll just take them with me.... Oh, darn, where did that middle finger go?” 

“Bow ties are good. They remind me of how I met your granddad. He was so handsome in his dress uniform.” She sighed. “You think cooking me dinner means I’m not gonna shoot you?”

“Well, you can shoot me after dinner. If you shoot me before dinner, who’s gonna cook for you?”

One tiny problem with the book was that I have no idea what Jazz looks like. It was only chapter 6 (I think) was when Lyga tells me that Jazz has hazel eyes. All I can gather is that he’s attractive and that’s it. His dad has sandy blonde hair (told near the end of the book), so I take it Jazz must be blonde. You know, just a basic description of what he looks like will do. 

I was so intrigued by the mystery and the clues, but what I noticed was that all the murders were of young women, so clearly a misogynistic killer. Doug Weathers and Deputy Erickson seem to be always there, everywhere Jazz goes. It couldn’t be Erickson because he works with the cops; it couldn’t have been him. Doug Weathers was practically stalking Jazz, but it couldn’t have been him either because he was just a hungry TV journalist. It is always the person who is least expects. Could it be? No it couldn’t have been...could it?! There were short chapters in the killer’s point of view and he calls himself the ‘Impressionist,’ he has been replicating Billy Dent’s murders and the clues were in the initials for predicting who it could be next. It was someone local, but who? He was right under Jazz’s nose. That ending! I never saw that one coming. 

If you have the hardback covers and taking the dust jacket off, the book is white splattered with blood!

This book was a real page-turner. It was so much more than I expected. 
I recommend this book for those who are 16+ because of its dark themes, but highly recommend if you love reading crime/mystery books. 

There aren’t many series in books that I feel eager to read the next book because I am in no hurry, but after finishing I Hunt Killers it left me a cliffie and now I really MUST read the next one! The majority of books are getting film deals, but I Hunt Killers is getting a TV series, which I will be on the lookout to watch. 

My mini-review of book two: 

I finished reading the second book ‘Game’ following I Hunt Killers but I did not enjoy as much as the first, which was very disappointing! It took me quite a long time to finish it (11 days) and it dragged on a lot. It was so bad, especially the pacing and plot. Rather than a damsel in distress, why is Jazz always a ‘dude in distress?!’ I rated it 3 stars but it really should have been 2 stars. I could not wait to put it down (it was that bad), but I will be reading book three when it is released. 

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