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It feels like my first book review set in a long time! I haven’t been in the reading mood lately. 


This took me about a month to read. It wasn’t very memorable, so I’ll keep this review brief. There will be some spoilers in this review, just to warn you if you have not read the book. Here we go: 

So plot synopsis, this is another Dystopian book and this one is about once a United States is now home to the Republics, who are at constant war with its neighbours. Our main two characters are June and Day. June is born into an elite family and is called a prodigy for scoring a perfect 1500 on her trial test. Whereas Day is born into the slums, on the run at only fifteen years old, he is known as Republic’s most famous criminal. These two characters cross paths when June seeks vengeance for her brother’s death, which Day is the prime suspect. 

After finishing this book, I thought the concept of Legend is quite interesting and original. Marie Lu’s writing flows very well. I do like the way she writes because it has thoroughness to it and I’ve read a lot to just appreciate well-written stories. That’s my positive point.

And now here are my not so positives points. So this book is told in the first point of view perspectives of both June and Day, however Marie Lu doesn’t label on each chapter who is narrating. I am reading a ebook, how am I suppose to know? So in the beginning I thought I was reading June, when it was actually Day and by chapter 3 I knew who’s POV I am reading. You know Marie Lu...I am not a mind reader, you should let the reader know who’s narrating it. The problem with writing in first person point of view perspectives on two characters is that you have to make their voices very distinctive because otherwise they become very one-dimensional characters. I felt like I was reading the same character. They think the same, they act the same and they both equally smart. 

I sort of wanted to laugh because I concluded they are basically the girl and boy version of each other. They could be brother and sister. This is insta-like. I don’t see the attraction between these two other than they are attracted to each other’s looks. Day often describes how beautiful June is and June does the same, especially on the eyes! These two misfits are too perfect. They seem to be too good at everything, which makes it unrealistic. I don’t know if Marie Lu went go to make June and Day perfect characters in terms of intelligence, physical strength and appearance. This is like Romeo and Juliet! I believe there are perfect people in the world but even perfect people have flaws. 

This story lacks world building. I never really understood this Dystopian world. I felt like it needed more background of the history and why the United States has been separated by the Republic. It will probably be explained in the next two books. 

About the pacing – it was all right but a bit slow. I understand why it took so long for everything to kick in because there are only 320 pages. “Full of nonstop action, suspense, and romance, this novel is sure to move readers as much as it thrills.” Full nonstop action? HA! That is a lie. There’s the middle scene where Day gets caught but you don’t get a lot of action until that last quarter of the book. 

I’m sorry to say but overall Legend was pretty predictable. I admit some parts surprised me (spoilers: when Thomas shot Day’s mum and when John posed as Day to sacrifice himself.) Other than that my reaction was: MEH. I had no personal attachment to these characters because like I’ve said they are very one-dimensional and too perfect. I think the last quarter was good because we finally have some action occurring with a twist but I predicted that would happen. It wasn’t like ‘ oh my god, I can’t believe that happen!’ So nothing really surprised me. It was just boring. 

How I knew this would be a 3-star kind of book! Ah so much for the hype. When I see people say it is amazing, I think “are we reading the same thing here?!” I think I will read the next book Prodigy because I hear it is really good. It depends if I can be bothered though. I’d like to see what happens and to see if the story gets any better. 

Marie Lu’s drawings of her characters are really amazing though! Even though June and Day kind of look similar. It looks a little bit like anime. Speaking of which! Whilst reading Legend, it did kind of remind of this old anime called Gundam Wing because of military soldiers and colonies. 

And so my search for rare 5-star books resumes...

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