This song describes my life. ♥ 

I guess I haven't been on for a week. 
Man, life has been so freaking's so hard to find time for everything. 
There was SO much going on last week, sorry I didn't come on at all. 
Last week was my finals week & on top of that, I've started the college search (tours, research, etc...), major search (more research), SAT (studying + stress galore), small group leading, & extra school clubs, sports, & stuff. 
I don't know why I'm so blessed with this life though. I'm so thankful for each & every opportunity...I never want to take it for granted.
But yes, there is my explanation for being gone for the whole week. 

Anyway, this is for BOP Finale!
My assignment was: You're on the Amazing Race; but you're boyfriend is picking you up later for a very romantic date! Because you're on the amazing race, you have to wear something that is good for running and good for challenges; your outfit must be something sporty, comfortable, and low-maintenance. However, your boyfriend is picking you up right after to bring you to a romantic dinner, but you have no time to change! At most you can bring extra shoes and outerwear but your main outfit has to be the same. What are you to wear? Also, in the notes, explain why you picked the clothes you did. 

So here we are:
I picked a simple black romper to wear. I think rompers are adorable & fashion forward (totally my style - it's my favorite ♥), but more importantly, rompers are SO COMFORTABLE, simple, & easy to move around in - which is exactly what I'd wear on the Amazing Race!
I picked this romper especially, because it has sleeves so it won't fall off while I'm running xD (lol opposed to the strapless ones), but the sleeves are short enough so I can not be too hot & not constricting.
This romper looks to be a nice simple cotton material so very easy to breath & very light weight.
Since the romper is black, it also has the versatility & a bit of more formal 'night time' touch to it to wear for my date. 
When I was done racing for the day, I'd take off my tennis shoes (I included some really cute NIKESthat match the color scheme of this set :D) & slip on some hot pink pumps. I think the hot pink + black really take the simple black & turn it into something way more night appropriate!
I also put in a pink belt bow (left side of set) to cinch the waist to give it me more of an hourglass figure.
Since I'm prepared for my date (I hope? ;) ) I'd trade in my traveling backpack for that hot pink clutch (once again going with the pink + black) which was pre-packed with some pearl accessories (pearl bracelets, necklace, + barrettes). Pearls are another SIMPLE thing to add that can make your outfit a lot classier & cuter! 
And for hair, naturally it would be in a ponytail for the Amazing Race. Since I don't have much time, I would leave it in a ponytail, but just add in a pearl barrettes to make it a bit cuter & more formal. 
I wouldn't wear any makeup except for some hot pink lipstick to pull it all together. I think lipstick if you wear lipstick, it makes it look like you put more time into your appearance when all you did was slide a stick on your lips xD
I'd also do a quick cheek pinch to add some color to my face! (: 

Oh & I also included a picture of the Amazing Race logo thingy & a picture of Zac Efron because he's my boyfriend obviously (;

Overall, I think this look is perfect for when I'm racing in the Amazing Race because of it's practicability, comfort level, & simpleness.
But it is also perfect for a date night because once I add the quick touches of accessories, the pink + black color combo looks fancy, the pearls give it some class, & it was quick & simple to change into! 
also zac is hawt kthxbai.


Wow, that was super long...sorry Hannah, you had to read all that lol xD

Oh also random: The weather outside is amazing & I love it aoseir asekrheiasehr. Its so warm & perfect ♥


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