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    Thank you for visiting customania14, where customizing is made easy! Please read this entire listing before ordering. All of our garments are made with either 100 cotton or a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. We use the latest sublimation equipment with high performance digital printing, to give you a full color photo quality finish! Turn around time for your order is 4-10 business days depending on your level of customization. All items are made to order. If you need your order by a specific time, please contact us and we will take care of you. We offer different styles of shirts in all colors for adults, youth, toddlers and babies: unisex shirts tank tops (men and women) v-neck shirts (women) missy fit shirts (fitted crew neck for women) baseball shirts (men, women and youth) long sleeve shirts (men, women and youth) hoody & crew neck sweaters (men, women and youth) baby onesies if you desire to have this image printed on a different style shirt please message us and we will accommodate your desires. Most of our images can be modified! With that being said: let your creative juices start flowing!!! We welcome all new ideals! This is customania14!!! We do ask that if your purchasing a shirt with a name and/or birthday, please leave the correct info in message to us. Be sure to double check your spelling! How to order 1. Chose your quantity from drop box 1 2. Choose your size and style from drop box 2 3. Chose your color from drop box 3 customizing and upgrading your order most of our images can be customized to your liking including changing the color, font size and font shape. On our personalized shirts, you can add your name or a short phrase. We also offer upgrades to make your shirt your own. If you would like to purchase one of these upgrades, please purchase your shirt first and then purchase the add on. 1. Image size. The typical area of the average image on a shirt is 81/2 x 11. We offer 13 x 17 and 13 x 19 images as upgrade options. 2. Super high glossy finish. A shiny, durable finish that makes your images pop! 3. Glow in the dark images. Please note: only the white and light parts of the image will glow. 4. Name and/or number upgrade. You can add a name and/or number to the back of your tops. Shipping and returns to view our shipping and return policy, please click on this link: we thank you again for taking the time to visit customania14! We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with the ever expanding etsy community as much as we are!! Come visit us again, we are always adding new products. If you have any questions, please let us know! Have a blessed day!
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    Perfect for Spring, Summer and Easter! This dress is back ordered and will ship out Mid March. Made by our manufacture MJ
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  • Photographing Your Baby Month-by-Month
    Hi Sticky Bellies fans! We are so thrilled to have an amazing photographer, Christina McGuire, joining us today to share her best tips on how to capture your gorgeous baby in stunning photographs month-by-month. Read on, and if you're on Pinterest, please pin this post to share with others. And, most importantly, don't forget your Sticky Bellies for your monthly photos of baby. Enjoy! Newborns My #1 piece of advice for capturing your newborn? Hire a professional.☺ Take it from someone who didn't and has regrets. I was not yet a photographer when my girls were born, but even now as a business owner, if I were to have another baby I would hire out. Moms, it's so important for you to be in front of the camera with your baby rather than just behind it taking the photos. You may not feel particularly glamorous 1 week postpartum, but if you can force yourself to take a shower, dab on some lipgloss and wriggle back into a pair of (maternity!) jeans, I promise you'll be forever grateful to have those first connections with your itty-bitty baby captured on film. All that said, naturally you're going to want to take your own photos as well, so I'll touch on a few different set-ups. With sibling shots, baby's safety is most important. Below you can see how I catered the same general pose to a 3-year-old sibling (rolled-up blanket to help support baby's head), versus a 5-year-old, who was comfortable holding her baby sister. No matter what the age though, when working with siblings, always have another adult assisting you and spotting the baby. Another great option for sibling or solo captures is shooting from overhead. This ensures your background is uncluttered so nothing detracts from your children's sweet faces. And of course, newborns are usually most content in mom or dad's arms. 3 Months Three months can be a tough age to photograph as babies cannot support themselves, nor will they stay in one position very long (unless sleeping). Again, shooting from overhead works well; to change things up, use a step stool to shoot down on a mobile above their crib or swing, or even the crossbars atop an activity mat. If they're holding their head up sufficiently, try propping their upper body onto a nursing pillow, then get down on their level to capture that cute face straight-on. 6 Months Ah, the beloved "potted plant" stage: after babies can sit up but before they can crawl away. It's one of the easiest ages to photograph, so take advantage of it while you can! If your baby still needs support to sit, a cute basket, tub, etc. will help --just make sure you have an assistant/spotter so they don't tip.   12 Months Milestones can be all over the board at the one-year mark: some babies are still content crawling, others are learning to walk, and then there's the runners. For pre-walkers, have them hold mom or dad's hands, or grasp onto a stationary item for support. Once your little one starts taking their first steps, get down on your belly and have them toddle towards you and your camera; often times they'll fall and giggle, making for great bonus shots. And for the babes feverishly crawling/walking/running from the camera, try plopping them on a (low) step, in a kid-sized armchair, or give them a toy or book to hold -- anything to distract them for a few seconds while you click. 18 Months and Up Get your running shoes on.☺ Although the toddler stage can be the most challenging to capture, chances are you'll be rewarded with some of the sweetest, funniest, and most genuine expressions (I'll take a real pout over a fake smile any day). There's no need to worry about posing because, well, toddlers don't sit still. So just go with the flow, click-click-click, and be grateful for the digital age and that little trashcan on the back of your camera. All Ages Don't forget the details. One day, you'll notice your little boy or girl has lost those cute dimples in their hands (sniff, sniff). Their shoe size will change faster than you can keep up. And their favorite lovey may be old news a month from now. And, If All Else Fails... The outtakes ma