~Song: autumn leaves~
~singer:ed sheeran~
~date: 3-22-14~



✦make sure the outfit is fit for fall (jeans, light sweaters, jackets) hope its good enough. 

✦ link a video of just him. the video must be 80% of ust him~ http://youtu.be/F-Y01dIGihE

✦ include a picture of leaves, or something to do with fall. ~ in a picure with a girl

✦ include a star in your set. ~like 4 stars in the set.

1. @mrs-zaynmalik -- O points
2.@mrsstyles021 -- 2O points
3. @directionersheerioever -- 2O points
4. @radioactiveasian -- 2O points
5. @harryhasadirtymouth -- 2O points
6. @painting-the-roses-red -- 2O points
7. @look-so-perfect -- 2O points
8. @p-rettyscars -- 18 points
9. @hanalove -- 2O points
10. @missyi5010 -- 2O points

I can't found the secret item! :(
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