Photon, like her name suggests, possesses power like the photons, the elementary particles that compose all the light around us. However, to work, there needs to be light and to function, Photon cannot be away from any source of illumination, natural or artificial, for more than 24 hours. Without light, she grows weak and begins to lose her power. 
On the other hand, when she isn’t suffering from lack of her energy source, she possesses the dual capability of photons, letting her go from a physical particle – body – to an electromagnetic wave – hazy state. (Danger, though, of staying too long in her wave state, of being dispersed and incapable of regaining her physical form.)
Her physical abilities may lack but she makes up for it with her programming and hacking skills.

Secret Identity:
Well, from what you could have guessed with Photon, I am a science geek, majoring in physics in college. I love science and the shows that go with it, like Mythbusters and Big Bang Theory (I do understand most of those jokes and love it!)
I’d rather curl up with a good book than go clubbing until 3am and my extensive collection of books is proof of that! :P
Finally, I guess I’d have to say my favorite colour is lime green.
Oh! And I love Disney with a passion! :)

#battleoftheavengers @totallytrue 
Team Bruce Banner / The Hulk @cristianoronaldostar @devon726
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