☆ Have at least one picture of your brunette boy. (+3) 
☆ Have at least two pictures of your favourite "ship" that includes your brunette boy. (+7) 
Harry + Jade = Jarry
☆ Describe how it would be like to meet your ship (including the brunette boy of your team) and how you would act. (+3)

Ok, both Jade AND Harry are big role models and are definitely my idols so I would end up double fangirling. It's like fangirling, but double the giddiness (well, neverrrrr). if I can't have Harry, then only Jade can, kay? I wouldn't speak, probably just stand there speechless with a massively embarrassing smile on my face. If I did speak, however, and managed to keep my cool, I would probably say something along the lines of how much I love them both and how hard I ship them. I would tell them how much I love both of their music and how Jade is my style icon along the other Little Mix girls. I would tell them bothe how much I love the others as well.
☆ Have a blue and red colour scheme. (+5)
Extra Credit:
☆ Include a sweater. (+2)
☆ Explain why they are your OTP (if your ship with the brunette boy included is your OTP) (+3)

They are definitley one of my OTPs because 
A. They look so cute together.
B. They have quite a bit in common.
C. I don't really like any of Harry's ex-girlfriends that much and Jade is probably the only person in the world that I would let date Harry (except me).
D. It kinda reminds me of the Dark fanfic because Bo is such a sweet and innocent character whilst Harry is quite a dark character but can be quite sweet, gentle and caring. Jade is a lot like Bo, sweet and innocent.
☆ Give me an idea for the third round. (+10)

Maybe you could make a round on who their best friends are. Or it could be quite a halloween-y round with lots of orange, purple, black and green for the colour scheme and lots of Halloween clothing and pictures or the Halloween costume you are wearing. 
Make sure to tag me @standoutsingout + #botb + your teammates.
Team Harry:
1. @she-who-cannot-be-named (Hamial)
2. @supersneaks (Jamie)
3. @mrs-zaynmalik (Samantha)
4. @blonde-princess (Kaiden)
5. @hipsterlove88 
6. @harleenxoxo (Harleen)
7. @loveislouder800 (Jessah)
8. @xo-nichole (Nichole)
9. @ellareed (Ella)
10. @cutelittleanons (Peyton)
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