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@poepig and @sixteenbeautifuldisasters.

As for my holidays... it was so much fun! Everyone that was ever related to me came over to my house because for some reason my house is I guess the 'party house' anyways! It went very well! We had a little secret santa on Christmas eve at my grandma's! And I got this surprisingly stuffed bear that blasts out music from it's earphones that it's wearing and its really loud and cuddly from my uncle:) next day was christmas and I love love loved it! everyone opened their gift and enjoy everything! later we ate our christmas dinner, had a bonfire outside, played with our new stuff:) and unfortunately I live in the south.. so no snow :( of course that's how we had a bonfire! then new years came, it was sooo wonderful! We shot tons of fireworks which caused some fires but we took it out with my skills ;] haha overall my holidays went amazing then... bam pow boom school came along. 
@poepig and @sixteenbeautifuldisasters
- - - x
*i entered on the first 3 days (3rd day:) 
*tag my whole group telling them to enter and the mods :)
*wrote a description of my holidays & tag the mods again:)
(i used juicy couture shoes, coach earrings, and louis vuitton wallet purse)
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