BOTB Season 2 Finale!

I can't believe it! It seems like yesterday it was only auditions :)
So congrats, Leah, Drea, and Miranda! You've made it!
So... for this fabulous finale, you'll be making 2 sets for me!
So, for your first sets, Leah will be inspired by this set.
Drea will be inspired by this set.
And Miranda will be inspired by this set.
Look familiar? Those were your auditions sets.
For your second sets, Drea and Leah will be making fashion sets, using either this shirt or these shoes.
Miranda will be making an art set using at least 4 items from this collection.
I'm giving you one week to do this, but if you need an extension, I will gladly give it to you. Just make sure that you make at least one set to enter so I can give you your placing.

Created by lost-in-senseless-dreams. Created in Battle of the Best™-Season 5. 4 sets from three members. Ended three years ago.