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battle of the celebrities speciality round 1 - zach quinto 

for this outfit, i sort of had to choose it, as if zach was a girl. because let's face it, there are like /no/ guys clothing on polyvore. i chose these clothing items as not only they are fall themed (too bad it's summer where i am), it is also geek chic, which is type of style i see zach as having~

[X] include something your celeb would wear (3 points)
[X] explain why they would wear it in desc. (3 points)
[X] add {botc // name of celeb} as title (1 point)

total - 7pts.

extra credit:
[X] add an item from the collection - i put the sweater in (3 points)
[X] add a camera (2 points)
[X] make the outfit fall inspired (3 points)
[X] use less than 6 items total - i used 6, does that still count? (3 points)

total - 11pts.
GRAND TOTAL: + 18pts.

&& @lgallegos33

ugh this set is so ugly, it makes my eyes burn

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