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rainclouds in july | boxing at the zoo


challenge four who is ready?? i am ready alrighty lets get this started

for emily’s favorite: @pheachy for team neutral!!
five bonus points!

for best color scheme: @falloutjadyn for team warm!!
ten bonus points!

for best for the challenge: @lili-is-a-koala for team cool!!
fifteen bonus points!

current standings:
team cool: 605
team neutral: 590
team warm: 490

team cool takes over team neutral in the standings!!

no team had all six of its members enter so no team gets that bonus for this challenge. each team was only one or two people off, so encourage your teammates to enter the next challenge!

also we have two open spots on team warm!! please please please encourage your friends to audition! also, if you give the group a little shoutout in your next set i’ll give you a five point bonus and another cute little surprise in your inbox!! (and if you aren't in the group and still wanted to give a shoutout then i'll still give u the surprise)

this challenge is the clipper challenge!! for this one, you have to use the polypore clipper to find two items in your color scheme and use them in your set! you can find them from we heart it, tumblr, etc. you can also clip beauty and fashion items from online stores.

(each worth five points)

[ ] fill out the form and requirements
[ ] include the hashtag #botcs4
[ ] include your team’s hashtag (find in group info)
[ ] tag me, @glowing-eyes
[ ] enter your set in the contest
[ ] include two items in your color scheme that you clipped yourself
[ ] BONUS: clip and include four items
[ ] BONUS: include a book/journal in your set (doesn’t have to be clipped)


- what is your team:
- what is this set’s color scheme:
- what is your first clipped item, where is it in your set, and where did you clip it from?:
- second item:
- third item (bonus):
- forth item (bonus):
- what did you think of the last challenge:

contest link: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/contest.show?id=618488

welp that's it imma go try to skype my friend who i didn't see all day ugh

music account | @tunes-with-em
zine | @vagabond-zine
taglist | http://www.polyvore.com/new_taglist/set?id=185306099
spotify | https://player.spotify.com/user/tunes-with-em
twitter | https://twitter.com/celestiaIqueen
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