Time to Pretend- MGMT
for this round, my set is supposed to reflect my summer
my summer hasn't been very eventful, we haven't gone on a big vacation like we normally do.
so i guess i'll make a list of things relating to my summer, based on what i put in my set:
-i've been getting some progress with dis boy.
-i've had walks around the forest with my friend, we reflected on life and such
-i went to the carnival, but didn't ride on anything, because it was basically all little kids games
-lot of time spent alone at the park
-added more to my room i.e. new lyrics, my poster wall is almost all filled up and I started on a mural
-watched a lot of Workaholics (and Donnie Darko twice, 500 Days of Summer, and multiple movies including Logan Lerman in them)
-lot of campfires
-time spent outside at night with friends
-i bough a necklace very similar to the quartz crytstal one in the set
-basically all i wore so far is striped tank tops, denim jeans and Toms. Oh, and lacey tights. Lots of those.
-lots and lots of MGMT and Odd Future
-this set making it onto the homepage woo
What my summer is going to consist of:
-Warped Tour
-lacrosse and soccer with my friend when she comes back from some stupid state idk
-going thrifting with above mentioned friend
-going to the movies with earlier said boy
my mom thinks i'm turning into a hippie.

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