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This outfit portrays my style very well, I love crop tops and im short so for me to wear heels would help dramatically! I love anything designer and I have to try it on first before I wear it. I love shorts, dresses, crop tops..lets just say my style is girly/edgy! <3

A little bit about myself!

First of all, I love to party. I love going out with my friends and I love to do anything to do with dancing. I love heels, theyre my favorite type of shoes! I can walk perfectly in them and i cant wait to be able to get older and be able to go clubbing. *-* 
I LOVE Liam Payne! Its so crazy how much I love him, but I don't care! Hes the most perfect thing ever put on this earth and he can never do anything wrong in my eyes. I love him so much that I don't get mad when he has girlfriends, I actually LOVED Danielle and I thought they were cute for each other, obviously not as cute as we will be but..haha! xD I just really love him.
Boys, boys, life revolves around them. Now not as much since I have an AMAZING boyfriend (don't think im bragging im just saying, you are beautiful and you will find someone who will love you for you) I have two tumblr pages and I was only going to put up one because I didn't want anyone to think I was weird but im guessing im going to have to to prove my problem.. <-that's my second one.
Dance, I love to dance! I do jazz tap and ballet and if I could I would do it everyday, every minute, and every second of my life!
My new favorite color is coral and I love Jeffery Campbell! I love makeup also <3

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Liam Payne

Item used: Yupperdoodles!

@madielovesyou <3
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