BothwellHouse Plan:2story,8133square foot,6bedroom,6full bathrooms home plan
  • 20x200 Ideal Bookshelf 364 NYC
    Growing up in Atlanta, I always thought New York City would be too big and crazy a place for me. And then I moved there 16 years ago, and it was the first time I'd ever felt at home. The walking, the people, the buildings, the lights, the options, the need to do more and be better. It is non-stop intense, and if you're on your game it feeds you energy like nothing else can, but if you're not then it sucks it from you. That's how it should be. We recently decided to take a break from NYC to be near family, away from snow, and in the middle of trees. It was an excellent decision, but I still miss my city every day, and this piece is my love letter telling it so.
  • Sandcastle 12 x 12 Overlay Laser Die Cut
    Sandcastle 12 x 12 Overlay Laser Die Cut - * 12 x 12 ...
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