10 facts 
1. My birthday is on the 2nd of June.
2. I love reading.
3. I'm a YouTube addict. 
4. I love all pastel colours. 
5. I don't have any siblings. 
6. I live in India .
7. I LOVE watching TV.
8. I kinda have an obsession with H&M clothes.
9. I'm really shy.
10. I'm fluent in English and Hindi. I also understand quite a bit of French.

I love pll's amazing plot twists and especially the mystery behind who A really is. Each episode keeps me engrossed till the end. It's so hard to wait for the next episode!!

Extra credit- 15

Spencer Hastings ♡ // this girls style are always classy and preppy. These girls aren't afraid to playing with texture.
Alpha: Stell @stellstar313
1. Alina @missusblack
2. Meredith @thevoice-danielle-bradbery 
3. Daisy @sweetheart-29
4. Buket @oh-snap-its-taylor
5. Evie @n-obod-y
6. Ojaswani @neonxxcookies
7. Wren @nutella-queen-infinity
8. Bianca @bbianca808
9. Tiffany @style-857
10.Summer @my-time-to-shine

 @neme2028 and @xo-nichole


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