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heeey everyone ~

Today this set is dedicated to the lovely @theinfinitewallflower 

A few days ago, i posted a set with a translation and said the first five to translate get a set and a letter, so lauren was the first ^.^

Dearest lauren,
you always leave the sweetest comments
on my set and we have i love you more
fights almost every day. You're such a 
sweetheart and genuine girl. You make 
me laugh so much and we're giraffe
twinnies for life (: ♡
Love you so much babe (:

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& this is for @gilligansarmy 's battle group 'Battle Of The Pretty Little Liars' Round O1.

I'm in Team Hanna - so i included a picture of her down the bottom holding a bird.
i also included a picture of Mona - the person who impacted her most in the first episode.

About me ~

O1. My name is Chloe
O2. I'm Sixteen
O3. I love reading
O4. I want to be teacher or a writer when i'm older
O5. My favourite tv shows are PLL, Teen Wolf & The Carrie Diaries
O6. Giraffes are my favourite animal
O7. I come from a tiny welsh village that you've probably never heard of.
O8. I've been on polyvore for about a year and a half and i've made the bestest friend i could ever hope for here.
O9. I'd literally die without my laptop or phone
1O. My middle name is Leanne
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