Love is Easy//McFly
Gotta be one of the cutest songs ever :DD
Hey guise :D

Sorry for my lack of sets, :L.

I had a wonderful day at school, nothing special but every day is special to me when i have friends like mine. I was all immature and everyday feels like its gonna be the best day of my life, thank you <3

There is a music competition at my school and i got through on both my singing and my clarinet VERY EXCITING :DDDD

I still don't have a tumblr name, all the ones i wanted and tried were taken. AGH.

This set is for Pia's (@p314aa) 30 set challenge #1: a summer outfit :)

This set is ALSO for BOTPP: Round 3.

What is your talent?: Singing. (lalalala :P)
Why did you choose this talent, and why do you feel that you are good at it? (Feel free to brag!): I chose this talent because its what comes up most in my life. I'm a generally talented person. Yes, i'm one of those annoying people who are practically good at everything. Apart from sport. I get the most praise for this talent too. I feel i am good at singing because its is the only stability, really, in my life. Out of everything, singing is the one thing I've stuck to. I remember singing at a very young age. Idk how good i was but still. 
Why do you feel it makes you unique?: Because although many people are good at singing, its who i am. I am that clever, happy girl who sings. And thats who i will always be. My biggest dream is to be a singer, its all i want in life. If i grow up and I'm not beautiful then whatever, but as long as i can sing its ok. 

- a picture of merida: YESS 
- a picture of scotland or something representing scotland: No. :L 
- a picture related to your talent: MILEY CAUSE SHE SINGS :D 

school; grrr stresssss 5/10.
friends; yayayayayayayay we are so silly :P 10/10.
boyfriend; damn them, we can get through it <3 100/10.
polyfriends; do any of you read my descriptions? really? 7/10.
polyvore; merp. 7/10.
weekends; I MISS YOU COME BACK PLEASE. 8/10.
writing; yesyes I'm improving :D 8/10.
weather; warm but cold. dafuq?! 6/10.
movies; uhm. wat? 2/10.
tv; nothing onnn….err…. 3/10.

Thats all folks.

Lauren xxx

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@swiftdreams1d You are so cool :O…&& #firsttagswag c:
@plasticlizard022 ily you're a great nerd :)
@tropicalteen i ♡♡♡ your sets they are perfff like youuuu c: (:
@iwishforyou You're so nice!!!! && I ♡ your sets omfg they're so good cx
@nicciclark-suupernerd Hai. You're so awesome there is no single word to describe you like woah too much awesomeness ova heree :oo :D 
@thoughtless ilysm hun, you're amazing :] && your sets are fabuloso ;)
@graceful-whovian You're like, my best friend one here, You're so nice..and awesome…and shamazing… :) :P
@baibox You are so random ilysm. omg you're so cool. ♡♡
@misscooldog12 you're so awesome :) ♡
@clotheshorse1 You make such beautiful sets dear! I wish I had your talent! :)
@rsander ILY! You're so awesome! I can't get bored when i chat to you! You're shamazingles! ♡
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