Finally finished my Round One set for Battle of the Time Girls. The category was favorite Doctor.
This is a tough and controversial question for me and has a slightly overlong, over-analytical answer. So if you want my answer to "favorite Doctor?," refer to this set from now on.
The best Doctor (meaning most accurate screen representation of the original image of the Doctor) out of the New Who Doctors (the only ones I know) is Eleven. Matt Smith is the Doctor in the sense of who the Doctor is/was depicted in the old series and should be. He is more believable as a 900+ year old Time Lord than either Eccleston or Tennant, in my opinion. However...
My favorite Doctor (different from the BEST Doctor, is one I love for more sentimental reasons/his personality/his -isms) is Ten. He is how I got into the show, he made me cry when he left the show, he made me care about the show, he carried some of the weaker episodes (Daleks two-parter in series 3 anyone?).
In short, the difference, to me, is that David Tennant plays the Doctor better while Matt Smith more completely embodies the spirit of the Doctor.

That doesn't get anyone really angry does it?


On a less interesting note, this is my first mosaic set and it turned out alright, I think. Could have been better, but could have been worse. I hope you like it regardless.
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