i decided to write a story from johnn'ys point of view. which i'll put up after i pee.
(still havn't gone..haaa)
this inspired me for a contest in SSS. i think i'll see which of the girls can write the best story/make teh best set from one of the guys POV. sounds fun to me:)

btw..lay.cred goes to someone..i think its nadiya..idk, who's ever lay this is. come claim it!

I kept my eyes on the dinner crowd entering Boulder+Vine, my quite successful restaurant. We had recieved publicity on the Today show, as well as food&wine magazine and countless other websites and shows.
It was a night for working. My mind should've been set on the chef, the service and the rain storm outside. (We had decided to go for the natural effect tonight.*sidenote: BV is built into the side of a mountain, there is a pic in my items of what it looks like. anyways, it overlooks the town, the lakes, and the rivers, and has one side completely exposed to the elements.)) But, instead i was fixated on my fiance's sister's death.
I was petrified of what i had done; I had a horrible feeling inside that my secret would be exposed.
How could i marry Faye, the love of my life, with this guilt on my shoulders?
I scurried through the limestone floors and greeted couples and families visiting through Sisters. An older couple, the Teter's, who had the same table every sunday when they came here, called me over.
"Johnny Tipton, my you look grand!" Mr. T exclaimed, patting my shoulder. "The food is excellent this evening!"
"Thanks, George, thanks. We only prepare the best, especially for my two best customers!" I responded.
"Oh, well it is exquisite here! and...well, we are only hoping to get an invite to the wedding!" Josefine Teter snickered, playfully patting my hand."Faye is a lucky girl!"
I awkwardly laughed and rubbed my hand on the back of my neck.
"Thanks, Mrs. Josefine. Well you two enjoy your evening...and expect an invite in the mail soon!" I said, walking to the outside cliff that overlooked the town.
"Way to pester him, Josefine!" George joked.

I only wished Faye and I would be like the Teter's one day. They had been married 51 years so far. I always felt guilty when someone mentioned the wedding. Inside i felt that Faye was settling for me. I knew i wasn't actor-handsome; If Faye had decided to move to CA, she could've landed George Clooney or Brad Pitt. I felt like i was tying her down in a place she didn't want to be. Like she was only doing this to beat her sister.

Would i be freeing her if i told her the truth? If i told her about what happened with Sloane and I?
If she knew we had slept together...and i may have been the one who got her pregnant..
type "senior citizens" if you read it all:)
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