"‘Bout time somebody scored around here."
Emmett Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 25, p.511

Okayy, so first of all, this set is dedicated to -silver-!!! Girl, your sets are absolutely ah-mazing!! I'm soo jealous :)
I wanted to thank you for all your tips & amazing comments! You've really helped me with my sets, so thanks girl!!

She's great, so check her out!


dayyyum is he hot!! i mean, can you say j a c k e d? ♥

oh, so i really had to crop this down, because he was showing a lot more of *him* than should be publically seen lol. I sent it to my friend and she practically started hyperventilating ;D

haha yeah so hope you like it!!!

100% beachchickxoxo's! PLEase Dont Copy/Steal/Use!! thanks :)

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