Enter a set that has any type of bow in it! Whether it's a flower made into a fabulous belt bow, a headband, or any type of bow-like item in it! The winner will be our new group logo, will receive 6 favorites from each moderator, will be added to contacts by both moderators, and will choose the next contest! Runner ups will receive a certain number of favorites to their sets. First runner-up will receive 5 favorites and an added contact from each moderator, 3rd place will receive 4 from each moderator, 4th place will receive 3 from each moderator, 5th place receives 2 from each moderator, and 6th will receive 1 from each moderator. Have fun and there is no limit! XOXO.

Created by stylefashionandmore. Created in FASHIONISTA AND CO.. 253 sets from 50 members. Ended 6 years ago.