1O1 = Act really flirty.
I know you think its retarded but the way I get boys is by flirting, like a lot. 

 *Heress flirting techniques::

- don't be shy with guys
 They don't like that but also don't be all up in there face.

- the first thing I do which is actually pretty lame {but i swear it works} is to get them to see you like walk by a couple times or talk loudly in front of them it kind of takes skill to not look obnoxious while doing it, so, I would not do it so extreme the first time.

- I hardly ever go to guys first. I usually go talk to their friends and make eye contact, then smile and say something flirty to them.

- Don't act too stupid in front of them. I've talked to guys about it and it gets annoying fast.

- If they ask for a hug or for you to sit on their lap, don't do right away. Make them wait at least 5 seconds {longer for sitting on laps and only sit on the laps of guys you really like}.

- If they do something like stare at your boobs or slap your butt you have to at least pretend to be offended. Don't make a huge stink about it, but just be like "heyy!" and smile at him

- DON'T trash other girls in front of him, it doesn't make you look good

- DON'T try to get his attention by being like "OH MY GOD THAT GUY FROM THAT PLACE IS SOOO HOT" it does not work. 

Bottom line,
the key thing is to smile, have confidence, and just have fun with him. Guys love girls who they can have fun with and are different than everyone else. Be goofy, and playfully make fun of him with a smile. Be bold enough to ask him to buy you a soda from steve and aggies. IM him when he's online && get into an actual conversation with him. Give him a smile in the hallway, don't just look away. When your talking to him don't act nervous and stay focused on him. Touch him when you can {not like THAT but like touching his arm or something definitely makes him know you like him}, at parties catch his eye and give him a smile.

Hope this tip helped a bit!
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