A simple set inspired by @katrinaballerina 's incredible simple sets. I feel like this doesn't do her's justice, but she was my inspiration while making this ♥

Heelllloooo Polyworld (: 

How are you all?
I'm doing okay. I'm recovering from a weird flu from this past weekend, which sucks because this weekend was going to be one of the best. I'm SO freaking sad I got sick this weekend...like why couldn't have I gotten sick last or next weekend? :\
I have a huuuuuge essay due tomorrow. I'm currently procrastinating...well, 'taking a break' (:
It stinks, I was sick all weekend + Friday & I couldn't work on it then :\ So now it's cram time :P I hate rushing for big assignments. 
Good thing my outline is pretty good & it has most of the work done for me , but still, I hate writing essays!

I adore that outfit in the set. Mint is such a pretty color. I saw that dress & I loved it. Mint is gorgeous for the spring. I can't wait to get some mint accessories soooooon. 
& shorts / jeans / whatever else I might find. 

Let's seee... Boys who have nicknames for you. I think it's kind of cuteee ♥ Like I have a lot, but the ones that actually mean something to me are my favorite...like, this one guy calls me ' killer ' . . . but I don't really know why. HAHAHA. But it's aighhht , he's chilllll (: 

I'm excited for the end of school , actually , I'm excited for S U M M E R . ♥
I cannot wait. I'll have a lot to do in the summer : extra classes, SAT classes, perhaps get a job, reading ahead , etc...but there will be plenty of time for fun (:

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