idk man pinky promises just seal the deallll (:

Summer color blocking for the win - I'd so wear this any day errydayyy. 

Well, first set of finals are done! 
Now the finals for real school are starting to kick in :\
I have a big essay due next week (which I should really start working on...) & our final oral exam. 
Summer is so close I can taste it. I can't wait (:

This weekend looks to be fab . ♥
My brother is coming home from college tomorrow - I'm so excited (: & He's moving into his apartment toooo...he's so lucky , he's gonna have a blast next year. He's rooming with 4 of his good friends & most of his other friends are in the apartment complex. #partyhouse 

Let's see...then we have a scrimmage tomorrow & a party after thatttt. I think we're scrimmaging the boy team. I love / hate scrimmaging them. 
Like, I hate it because boys are so freakin beast & they totalyl beat us hahahaha :P but I love it because soccer boys are oh so hot ♥ 

Then Saturday & Sunday is TOURNAMENT TIME ♥ First tournament of the season (: 
I think we'll to aighhttt (: I'm thinking 2nd place if our whole team is there & we can play our starters & allll (: 

oh Indiana / Miami game going on right now...lessgoo pacers (: Haha I just don't like Miami. 

Ohhh, well I really gotta go work on my essay. 
I never talk to anyone on here me? I think it's time to make some new friends (: Later loves ♥

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