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☀Friday, July 29th-31st: Obedience classes. You might not be a dog, but the Thorne headmaster thinks you need a lesson in obeying. Sounds boring, right? They've taken it up a notch. Each of you will be assigned a 7-year-old spoiled brat. You will share them, though. You must do everything the little brats tell you to do. By everything, we literally mean /everything/. Take them where they want to go, give them what they want. These girls are just like YOU, think of them as your younger self. It's like babysitting, but worse. You'll have them for the whole weekend, sounds fun, doesn't it?
-Sofia + Addy: Casidee Remingson

"Aaaahhhhh!! Stop it, let /go/ of my hair!!" I heard Chelsea scream at a little girl. Willa was right beside her, trying to get the little girl to quit pulling at Chelsea's red locks. 

I stifled a laugh because I knew the girl Addy and I were assigned would be pretty bad too. I clutched the ugly brown doorknob to our room and when I came inside, there was already a girl in there. She had dominated my bed and Addy was sitting on hers sending brain signals to me that said, "Get me out of here." 

I shrugged, showing I understood. "Hi, um..." I began to greet.

"Casidee. Casidee Remingson." the short and stocky blonde said, crossing her arms. "I'm seven and you need to listen to what I say."

I nodded submissively. "Nice to meet you too, I'm Sofia."

"And that waste of space right there is Addison, I know." she said matter-of-factly. Oh, so this girl thinks she's clever.

"It's Addy! For the billionth time, Quesadilla!" Addy fumed.

I surreptitiously tried to disappear into the closet (some closet it was) as they quarreled on but I didn't succeed.

"Hey, Sofia, we /both/ have to take care of this girl. I'm not doing it alone."

"Oh, I was just going to change into a comfier outfit." I fibbed, smiling.

Addy's eyes narrowed into two small slits. "That can wait," she was usually nice to me, but today she was too angry to be bothered. "So, /Quesadilla/, what do you want?"

"I think we're supposed to be nice to her." I whispered.

"I think it'd be better if you shut up." Addy winked. 

Casidee sat on the floor of our ultra-small room. "I'm Casidee, not Quesadilla. Ugh... I'm booorrrred." she picked at the carpet disgustingly. 

I laughed, finally getting it. "Let's set some ground rules first. We'll do whatever you want, but you need to promise not to cause any tantrums or get physical."

"I don't listen to ... /brunettes/." Casidee said it like the word brunette was a forbidden word, as she played with her curly blonde locks. "Why didn't I get Felicity or Chrysa? Blondes, like me, are so much funner." 

Addy and I shared a look that said, /This is going to be a loooong weekend/.


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