☀Thursday, August 4th: Today you all will be meeting with the academy therapist again, Dr. Mecoma. This week's discussion is about gossip. So feel free to speak up. But try not to cause too much drama.
"Welcome ladies, this sesion we'll be talking about the gossips"said Dr. Mecoma, sitting us in a circle of chairs. "Who wants to start?"

No one said anything. Please, don't choose me.

"So... Chrysa, what do you think?" he said.


"Well, hm... I think that gossips are fun and they make you famous"i said, looking at my shoes.

"You say that for experience? I mean, everybody talks of you because you have more surgereis than Heidi Montag"said Jazmine, who was in front of me.

"No offense C, but people talk about you too because yout attitude"said Willa.

"You're all jealous of me, that's all"i said, looking at everybody.

"Wait... jealous? Why the f-uck people would be jealous of you?"said Addy.

"Girls, calm down"said Sofia, trying to relax Addy.

I stand up and walked to the center of the circle.

"All of you, b-itches, are jealous because I'm perfect and you're ugly and stupid. You can't stand that I'm fabolous and you're just trash" I yelled.

Yulia stand up from her chair and walked close to me.

"You're all fake, Port, no one is jealous of that. And the only trash I see her is you"she said, with her nose almost touching mine.

"Don't even touch me!" I pushed her in the shoulders.

"I'm gonna break your fake nose!"yelled Yulia.

"GIRLS CALM DOWN!" screamed Nichelle and Dr. Mecoma at the same time.

"SHE PUSHED ME FIRST!"yelled Yulia.

Dr. Mecoma was in the middle of both, trying to separate us. I sat in an empty chair, next to Felicity.

"Yulia looks so mad" she said, looking at Yulia.

"Moving on, someone else wants to give any opinion?"asked Dr. Mecoma. Almost everyone raised the hand.
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