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☀Wednesday, August 31st: Another free day! Use to your liking.

Last night, I met my new roommate, Willa Bruno. She was pleasant, as far as I know. She wasn’t super nice, just old normal. I chatted with her for a short while then I unpacked for hours. I organized all my clothes into neat piles in the plain wooden dressers. I straightened my shoes under my double-sized bed. I put all my makeup on the shelves in the bathroom that literally looked like a shoebox. I checked out the shower, and all I found was a puny tub with black colored mold lining it against the wall.

Nothing was remotely like I was used to back home. Everything was small, plain, and boring in our dorm. (Is it a dorm?) I felt uncomfortable.

I tried texting my friends back home, but no one responded. God, what am I going to do here? I scrolled through my contacts, trying to see who to talk to.

Scroll. Vanessa C.

Scroll. Victoria F.

Scroll. Zac L.

I stopped scrolling and called Zac. I really wanted to get to know him better. He picked up after two rings.

“Hello?” he sounded like he just woke up. I checked my watch, it read 9 am. Oops.

“Um, hey Zac. It’s Summer. I really want to meet up somewhere,” I asked sweetly.

“Really? I mean, yeah sure. Of course, where?”

“How about we get some coffee?” I suggested, even though I had no idea where anything was in Honolulu.

“Okay, meet you there in ten minutes. I really want to see you, been sorting through my college application letters. I had applied for ten out-of-state schools.”

“I can see you wanna leave Hawaii,” I joked.

“You can’t even imagine. Well see ya,” he hung up. I was glad he liked me as much as I liked him. I held my iPhone against my chest. I suddenly felt the warm feelings that I got with Derek, but only stronger. I hopped off my bed and headed for the door.

“Now where do you think you’re going?” Willa blocked the path to the door.

I blushed, “I’m meeting a guy.”


“I just said I’m meeting a guy, what’s so wrong with that?” I was puzzled, was this girl really trying to /block/ me from seeing Zac?

“The one rule we have here in Thorne, is that we don’t see guys, ever. You get in deep trouble if they catch you. I strongly advice you to not meet up with this guy. I mean it,” Willa said seriously.

Well this sucks.

I texted Zac: “Change of plans, Zac. So sorry, really. We'll do it another time.”


@xoxothegirlinthegreenglasses : hope you don't mind i used Willa like that!
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