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Sofia, BP

☀Wednesday, July 27th: After yesterday's tireless training, it's time for a day of relaxation. A spa day is scheduled for the afternoon so you can even sleep in. Only this relaxation comes with a cost: group therapy. Yes, after your spa day, you will all be headed to the academy's head counselor, Dr. Mecoma, to talk about your feelings and your needs. Careful, we smell a catfight.


We had finished our spa sessions and our therapy group with Dr. Mecoma. We were sadly back at Thorne Academy, in the rec center. But it wasn't an ordinary rec center, there was noting recreational about it. There were just a handful of couches and lounge seats. Not TV, no games, no pool table. 

"That was intense," I whispered to Addy as we both sat the same couch, watching the other girls go on with their petty lives. So far, Addy was the most tolerable person here aside from Nichelle and Felicity. 

Addy shook her head. "Not really, it was kind of nice to let it all out. I feel so much lighter now."

"You sound like Nichelle now." I giggled, playing with my hair. I was trying to do a fishtail braid.

The redhead suddenly popped her head up from a book she was reading. It looked like Ana Karenina. "Huh? I heard my name?" she asked politely.

I covered my mouth while Addy lied, "No, we were talking about something else."

I lightly kicked Addy but she shrugged and started laughing.

"Oh, how odd. I certainly heard my name." she said, sounding as innocent as always.

That's when Jaz and Yulia came and sat down across from Addy and me. "Don't mind her," Yulia said, "She hears things a lot. And she dreams too much. She even sleep talks."

Nichelle seemed to be hooked into her book again and wasn't paying attention at all. 

Willa, who was writing vigorously in her journal (probably jotting down new gossip) perked up. She cleared her throat. "Are we discussing Nichelle Cambon? Redhead #2? I happen to know that she sings in the shower and talks to herself like she's talking to a child." 

Chrysa and Becka gasped in unison. That's when a fresh round of gossip began. 

Addy and I started laughing uncontrollably. "Maybe we don't need a TV after all, it's like I'm watching reality television right now."

"I know! But no reality show is good without guys. I mean, they can't take away our necessities /and/ deprive us of some fun. And fun equals boys." Addy said. Chelsea nodded eagerly. 

This was the first time Jaz spoke ever since we came back from Dr. Mecoma's. "I know how to get to the Thorne Academy for Boys. It's only ten minutes away, walking distance. I could take you all there tomorrow."

All of the girls squealed and nodded. I reminded them, "Wait! Lower your voices, they might be recording us."

"I don't even care anymore." Becka said. A few of the other girls nodded, agreeing. 

"Jaz, why are you suddenly so nice, offering to help us out?" Addy asked the most obvious question.

Jaz scoffed. "I'm not just helping /you guys/, I want some fun too." she winked.


[type "help!" if you read it all.... I know Sofia doesn't talk much because she's shy, remember that!]
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