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☀Monday, August 1st: Classes start once again at 7:00 am, but this time instead of meeting in the classrooms, you'll be meeting in the parking lot for a very special lesson on property appreciation. So basically, you will be scrubbing off all of the graffiti from the surrounding Thorne Academy buildings.
 -- - - - - - --- -- - - - -- 

"Graffiti, why? Who would want to ruin this place? Especially in Hawaii, I thought everything here was perfect." Nichelle asked herself as she happily painted over the gaudy graffiti on the walls of the Thorne buildings. 

Jazmine laughed. "Just because it looks like paradise, does not mean it /is/ paradise." 

Addy and I continued painting over the vandalism in silence. I didn't quite know if Addy and I were exactly on friendly terms yet, but she seemed to be okay with me. 

Jazmine walked over to me and purposely threw a bucket of white paint on me. Just like that, out of nowhere. "Ugh, you spilled all this paint on my dress!" I shrieked, staring at my dress as it got drenched in white paint.

Willa, Yulia and Jazmine didn't even try to hold in their laughter. Chrysa and Topaz just stared while Becka and Chelsea tried to help me. "Don't worry, the stain is huge, but it'll come out." Chelsea lied.

"Do you honestly want me to believe that?" I sighed, internally crying for wrecking my Carven Mousseline de Soie dress. 

The redhead shook her head, "No...but I don't want you feel bad..."

"Ugh." I put the paint bucket away (instead of retaliateing) and walked away from the other girls. I found a place to sit--a tree. I sat there for the duration of the whole class. I was glad I didn't have to do the rest, but sad that my favorite dress was ruined forever.

When the class was over, Felicity came to me, "We need to go shopping soon. All of the clothes we brought with us are getting ruined from all the work we're doing here." 

I nodded. "I heard we are going to the mall on Wednesday," I said hopefully. 

Felicity said, "Good thing! I can't keep repeating outfits anymore!" 

Little did we know what we /really/ had to do on Wednesday...

☀Wednesday, August 3rd: Shopping time! However, this shopping trip is not for fun and it is not for new clothes or shoes for yourselves. No, this shopping trip is a test to see how well each of you can contain yourself when forced to buy others material goods that they actually need. You will all be assigned a local teenager around your age to shop for, and you must not spend more than $500 on them. Remember, none of the money can go toward yourself.
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