Hey guys so i just got braces and this is how to deal with them.

After you get on your braces u will suffer pain for 3-7 days. The second day and the first night will b the worst, after that it wont b to bad. To help with pain take an advil/painkiller every 4 hours or when ever you are aloud to take another one. B sure u are brushing really good. brush the braces and behind the braces and floss 2. the orthadontist will show u how to floss. it may hurt to floss/brush the fist couple of days but it hurts even mor with food stuck in your braces. B sure to stock on soft food for the begining ergo rice, ramen noodles,jello,applesauce,chiken noodle soup,any other soup,mashed potatoes,eggs, ect. For the first 3 days eat the soft foods but the sooner u get back to chewing regularly the sooner ur teeth will get back to normall. Ur braces will cut up your mouth. if somthing is rubbing dont put wax (will b explained at orthadontist) on it right away. wait till u cut it then wax it because u want ur cheek to get stronger.

I know u may b worried about "HOW WILL I LOOK WITH BRACES!!!!!" Well you will look no different and if you look u c tons of people with braces. Honestly sometimes people look better with braces some look no different. nobody ever looks BAD with braces it just may take some getting used to.

Maintaining ur braces
I know u dont want to floss every night because it take forever to floss with braces. Well u dont have to. just floss like 2-4 times a week and break it up to the top half one night then the bottom half another night because it take so long. Brushing is number 1. Brush in mornings and nights every morning and night. Take a cleaning brush(will b explained at orthodontist) to school and get all food out of your braces after lunch. When brushing at home make sure you get under the braces or when you get them of you will have permenant yellow tracks on your teeth. brush for 2-4 minutes and be sure to take the backs of your teeth to.One last thing to maintaining your braces, the no-no list.
Hard pizza crust(you can eat soft)
Hard pretzels(you can if you soften them by sucking on them first same goes with doritos, tostidos,cheetos and fritios.
Tacos(use soft shell insted)
Hard rolls,bagels,animal bones(u may eat soft bagels and rolls)
Beef jerkey,slim jims(u can if cut into tiny peices)
suckers (if u suck its okay if u bite its not okay)
nuts(if you soften with silva 1st its ok)
ribs(cut off bone you can)
pens and pencils
popcorn(one peice every now and then make sure to only eat 1 peice at time not handfulls at a time and only eat fully popped kernals)
raw carrots(if cut into small peices you can)
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