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4 easy hairstyles right thur
01.) two fishtails-
so some of you like to wear your hair with the front pieces pulled back and pinned or tied. well this is a twist that you chickas will love!

how to fishtail- by Linna @bluefashionlover (: 


take a reasonable amount of hair from both sides of your head (towards the front) and fishtail them both. tie them off and when your down both, take out the hair ties and bobby pin them to the back of your head. hairspray. add a flower if you want. enjoy (:

02.) double braid-
a normal side braid, that looks a bit more complicated. cute and easy. check it outt.

hopefully, you guys know how to a normal braid.
so to start this off, pull all your hair to one side, whichever side you want. leave a section of hair at the front loose, and braid the rest down the ends of your hair. take that loose section and braid that. pull it to the back behind your first braid and bobby pin it.

03.) cross bun-
a simple bun with braids. coolio.

take all your hair into a high ponytail, but leave two pieces at the bottom out, about 2 inches apart. take your ponytail and do any type of bun. sock bun, messy bun, ballerina bun, whatevs. then take the two pieces left out and braid. pull them criss-crossed and pin them into the bun.

04.) waterfall-
a harder braid to do, but awesome when it's down. a good new hairstyle that beats the average ponytail.

how to waterfall


take a front piece of hair and waterfall it to almost the back of your head. then braid it normal down to bottom and tie it off. let it hang loose. you could do it to the other side or leave it.

hope you guys try these and find this tip helpful! :)

catch ya on the flip side.
thats all :)

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