by: @its-kelli-darling
 i have medium length hair (that's me in the top right picture) && i've always wanted to do braids. sooo i decided to research & make a tip about what i've found! (: 

regular braid: super easy! get a chunk of your hair & split it into three sections. then take the outside right section and put it in the middle. then do the same for the left. keep doing this until you reach the bottom of your hair! whala! (: 

ponytail braid: take a chunk of you hair in the front of your right & left side, and braid both. tie with elastic. thhen simply put you hair in a ponytail! easy as that. (: 

fish tail: it's super hard to explain in writing, but this youtube video is sooo good. i highly suggest it: (: 

french braid: again, hard to explain in writing. but watch this video, explains it perfectly (: : 

french braiding your bangs!: something i've been dying to try, watched this video & got it down (: : 

that's all i could think of, but i hope this helps! (:

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